Being Mama 

Your mother is your first friend, best friend and your friend forever.
I love this.

It’s a quote from a card I bought my Mum for Mothers Day, it felt so fitting both for my relationship with my Mum, but also the way I see the relationship with my girls and of course how I would hope our relationship continues in the future.

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What the girls wore this week #6

Here’s my round up of what the girls wore this week. 

Spring disappeared this week and we’ve had rain and freezing cold winds so we’ve been getting out the winter coats again after last weeks excitement!

I’ve been sale shopping this week for Evie and have also picked up a few bits for Amelie as she’s decided that 1) she only wants to wear dresses and 2) everything has to be pink or demin…

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Rainy day activities for toddlers  

When I see a week with numerous rainy days I have to admit I panic slightly. I’m not very good at just staying in the house and I need to have an activity planned otherwise they (and I) go a bit mad!

This week I thought I would try some new rainy day activities; using inspiration from Instagram, Pinterest and local activities I’ve seen and heard about… Here’s what we’ve tried.

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Getting our toddler potty training ready… 

We’re getting close to starting our potty training with Amelie. She’s starting to get a bit more difficult about nappy changes; running away from me, refusing to be changed and wanting to do it herself. She’s also showing some other signs that she’s ready to ditch the nappies; often she doesn’t want her nappy on and is starting to get better at telling me when she needs to go to the toilet.

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Our long weekend at Watergate Bay 

We’ve just returned home after a fantastic trip to Watergate Bay in Cornwall. Watergate Bay is a laid back trendy family friendly hotel, this was our second visit and it didn’t disappoint on visit number two. We absolutely love staying here.

We travelled with my parents, my sister and her family this time so it was a big family get together. We were also travelling as a four for the first time so the dynamic of our group for this trip was very different.

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The Siblings Project March

I love doing these updates, there is something so special about remembering all the moments your children have together. As Evie grows Amelie is becoming more excited by her little play mate – if a little worried at times that she’s going to take all of her things!

They still have their lovely moments as last month but Evie is giving lots more back, much to Amelie’s amusement. Here are some of my favourite moments this month.

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Teething is one of those things I blame everything on; she’s a little grumpy – it must be teeth, she’s not settling – maybe it’s her teeth, she’s got nappy rash – teething. You get the idea, for most things I blame teeth. I joke about it but it’s definitely not funny for our little ones, when I have a tooth ache its the worst thing ever and I am on the phone to the dentist asap so I can really sympathise with our babies.

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