Little Angels nappies review 

We go through A LOT of nappies in this house. With a baby and a toddler both wearing them big factors for me when buying nappies are cost, comfort and probably the most important one – no leaks! A leak when you’re trying to get out and about with two (or one) is never ideal.

We were offered the chance to review ASDA’s Little Angels nappies recently and I was really keen to try them as we have previously tried their Peppa Pig Pants with Amelie and were really impressed.

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Routine for toddlers and babies on holiday 

One of the big questions I had before I went away with our toddler and baby was ‘how will we stick to their routine’?

The easy answer to that for us this year was ‘don’t’.

We have never been like this before. I am a lover of the routine for my girls, they’re happier as they know what’s coming next and I am too – I can plan the day accordingly and know when I can get things done. But last year on holiday with Amelie we were a slave to the routine and it just felt as though everyone else was having fun when we were racing back for a 7pm bedtime.

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What the girls wore this week, holiday edition #1

Hello and welcome back to ‘what the girls wore this week’.

We’ve had a little break as we have been away on holiday in Greece but for the break in inspiration we now bring you two weeks of holiday outfits! (my favourite kind of shopping for the girls)!

First up this week is some of the girls evening outfits. They had some adorable dresses so do scroll through and have a look – they were perfect summer holiday pieces.

Next week we will be brining you their daytime outfits and swimwear…

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When toddlers act like they’re drunk

Amelie is very lucky to have a cousin that lives down the road who is close to her in age. They are a year apart and as such are very close, they’re like sisters, which inevitably means fighting over toys, winding each other up but of course cuddles!

It occurred to me recently as they both rolled around on the grass giggling like maniacs how much toddlers can often act like they’re drunk. Not your paralytic / being sick drunks, but the ones who sometimes like me have had a bottle or two of wine  a few drinks and suddenly think they are comedians / a pro-dancer / develop a super natural confidence!

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What the girls wore this week #11

A change of day today for ‘what the girls wore this week’ as we kind of missed last Friday, ops. These little ones have a habit of doing everything at the same time. Teething – check, both not sleeping (night or day) – check, so a few blogging things had to be slightly postponed. But here we are and I have a gorgeous little M&S number for Evie and a lovely gilet from Amelie this week.

We’ll be taking a week off next week as we’re on holiday but expect a bumper ‘what the girls wore this week’ when we’re back as I have some GORGEOUS holiday outfits ready for your little ones SS17 wardrobes when we are back…

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