#mummyfriendpictures the community getting Mum’s in the frame

A couple of months ago, when I first started blogging I really struggled with my ‘about us’ page. My blog, vlog and social media is all about me and my girls but ridiculously I didn’t have any photos of us to go with the page! I had selfies, which were OK but there is something much nicer about an impromptu photo. Since then I have been on a mission a) to get more photos of me and the girls and b) to take photos of my friends with their little ones.

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The things I said before I had kids…

You know before you had kids, you had this perfect image of what an amazing brood you’d have who’d behave beautifully when out, would always look presentable, would never cry or scream when on a plane, train etc… well I had these ‘visions’ but of course real life parenting and living with two under three means what what I thought is not often the case now (and frankly some of the things I thought were maybe a little ridiculous)!

Here are 10 crazy things I thought and said before I had children…

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A surprise baby shower 

My sister is due her second baby VERY soon and it occurred to me a couple of months ago that it would be really nice for her to have a baby shower. When you’re pregnant with your second there isn’t as much of a fuss made about your pregnancy, you’re knackered from running around after a toddler/child, so any excuse for some pampering comes greatly received. 

I planned my sisters first baby shower, we had afternoon tea at my house where I made everything but with two little ones I thought we’d try something different this time, a surprise and lunch out! Continue reading

The Siblings Project April 

This month has gone really quickly.

We’ve started giving Evie solids, which so far is going well. It’s been lovely to start having family dinners together and Evie is so interested in what Amelie is eating / what she does with food.

Amelie has had four weeks of Easter holidays (which we have a week left of) so there has been more sibling time than normal which although full on for me has been wonderful at the same time. I’ve noticed so many more moments between them.

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