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Thanks for your interest in working with Surrey Mama, I’m really excited that you’re here.

There are two ways you can work with me:

  1. Surrey Mama – Parenting blog, youtube channel, social – read on below
  2. Mama You Can – Social media crash courses and social media management – click here

If you want to contact me please e-mail me on

Surrey Mama

There are thousands of parent bloggers out there, so the big question is ‘why work with me?’ 

Two reasons:

1) I understand media planning

I have recently decided to focus on being a blogger and a Mama, more on that here. However pre-Surrey Mama, I worked in media agencies for 10 years, firstly as a digital planner/buyer, secondly as a Communications Planner (click here for my linked in profile).  My role when I left was a Business Director running accounts primarily in the FMCG sector. 

I understand relationship marketing; why you need to know who your audience are to target them effectively, why you have to research the best places to have a conversation with them and ultimately why it’s so important to have the right conversation with them.

Because of this, I don’t work with everyone that approaches me, the brands must be relevant for my audience and ultimately I need to be able to communicate your brand effectively so we both achieve the best outcome. 

As marketeers we all know the importance of social media which is why I am growing a strong and engaged audience in the main channels; with Instagram being my key channel. As such, any campaign that I run on my blog or vlog will be supported in these channels (if relevant) to drive an engaged audience through to your brands content. 

2) I am passionate

I am passionate about Surrey Mama and giving my audience inspiration, advice and most of all being a ‘friend.’

There is a wonderful community online for parents and I am an active member helping to organise meet-ups for fellow Surrey Mummys, I’m a member of Channel Mum and importantly I engage and quickly with my audience on my social channels.

I believe when you’re passionate about a project the work is of a higher quality and everything I do only gets published if I am 100% proud of the work. I believe this stands out through the quality of my assets and work.

How you can work with me

I am open to conversations about how best to work with brands. I only deliver high-quality campaigns that are right for the audience (that’s the media planner and marketer in me) and as such a ‘one size fits all’ doesn’t always work.

Here are some of the brands I am currently working with / have worked with.

If you’d like to see examples of my work to date, please click here.

Please get in touch with me at to discuss how we could work together and I will share my media pack, rate card and importantly my ideas.

Thanks again for stopping by.

Sarah x