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Bugaboo Fox Review

June 17, 2020

The Bugaboo Fox is Bugaboo’s lightest stroller. It is beautifully designed with customisable fabric colours, a comfortable large carrycot, which converts into a seat for a toddler and is light and easy to push.

As someone who has had three other Bugaboo pushchairs (the Cameleon, Donkey double and Bee), for me, the Fox is hands down the best one I have had.

So why do I love this pushchair so much? Read on for my top ten reasons…

1) It’s a smooth ride

Pushing the Fox really is a smooth ride. You can be off-road, pushing the pram up and down curbs and even on grass – the Fox almost glides. I love that the Fox is light to push but is also solid and sturdy – something that is key when you have other children walking with you. In comparison to the Bee and other lightweight strollers, this feels just as light but leaves you feeling much more in control. The only way to describe it is like it has power steering and we all know how good that is!

The Bugaboo Fox has all-wheel suspension (the front wheels are much bigger than on the Cameleon and Bee, similar to the Donkey) which means that baby gets to ride around almost bump-free.

Bugaboo fox review

2) It is strong and sturdy

It feels like a stroller that will stand the test of time. The frame is solid and the materials are well designed as well.

3) The hood covers baby totally, perfect for sleeping

One of my favourite things about the Bugaboo prams is the (fairly) new extendable hood that covers the whole of the pram. This is amazing for really sunny days or when baby needs to sleep. One of the downsides of this is that you can’t always see your baby and there isn’t a flap for a quick view so you’ll need to keep lifting it to check baby, but this isn’t something I find an issue. You can get ‘breezy’ hoods for the summer which have more ventilation which I would recommend.

Bugaboo fox review

4) The seat is higher

The seat on the Fox is higher meaning baby is closer to you than any of their previous prams. This for me is a big win as it’ll be easier to lift him out and also nicer when you want to be close on outings together.

5) It folds easily and flat

The Fox is a big pram or travel system, but, unlike the Donkey which took up nearly all of the boot space the Fox folds almost flat which is great if you need to create space in the house or in the car. Obviously you still have the carrycot to put on top but I find I can use half the boot for the pram rather than the whole of the boot previously saving lots of space! I do find putting it back up slightly tricky – but once you have the knack it’s easier!

6) It is customisable

I love Bugaboos and the fact they can be completely customisable. I bought these brown handlebars for the Fox (replacing the black ones), but you can also change the fabric colour, the basket colour and add lots of accessories from buggy boards (we have one of these for our youngest daughter), water bottle holders, organisers – the list goes on! They all fit easily and can be changed again easily.

 Bugaboo fox review

7) The storage basket is huge

One of my biggest issues with the Cameleon was the fact I couldn’t get anything underneath the pram when the carrycot was on. Luckily Bugaboo have finally listened and changed the basket for the Fox making it much bigger and easier to access. I can fit a Tiba and Marl backpack changing bag, school bags and water bottles with room for more under the Fox. It really is a game changer!

Bugaboo fox review

8) It’s adaptable

The Fox can adapt to any situation, a two-wheel position to pull the stroller through the snow or sand, the footbrake is SO much better than any other model (it flips and locks easily), the front wheels mean pushing on grass or cobbles is easy, if you want to rock a baby to sleep or need extra stability then the front wheels lock into place, the handlebar moves or can be taken off easily and as I said earlier the sun canopy/hood folds right down so sun isn’t an issue and if you have older siblings who might still get tired a buggy board can be added or taken away depending on your trip.

9) It will last for longer

The Fox can hold a child up to 22kg, meaning it’ll last a long time! I have also found the carrycot and seat to be more spacious than other prams so it’ll be something that lasts right from birth to childhood!

Bugaboo fox review

10) It’s comfortable

I always feel like my children have been really comfortable in their prams and the Fox is no exception. Our little one loves to sleep in the carrycot so I can only assume it’s a really comfortable place to be!

Bugaboo fox review


Key features of the Bugaboo Fox:

  • Age suitability: Birth until 17kg
  • Type of buggy: All-terrain
  • Weight: 9.9kg
  • Travel system compatible: Yes

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