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December 13, 2019

We bought our youngest daughter Evie a Brio travel switching starter set for her 3rd birthday this year and I have been amazed at how much both girls (including our eldest who is 5) have played with it and the creativity they have shown with it.

We were sent a couple of boxes of Brio to try (adding to our starter pack recently). We were excited to receive the Safari Adventure Set, Brio World Smart Tech Engine Set with Action Tunnels and the Brio Smart Washing station.

The girls were so excited to try out the new train track and happily spent an hour or so playing with them all and adding the new range to their existing track (they love making the biggest tracks they can)!

The Smart Tech range is fantastic for encouraging older children to think about how things work and how the track will function when they put certain tunnels in place. Amelie, our five-year-old seemed to enjoyed the Smart tech range more so than our younger daughter as she really enjoyed thinking about where to put things.

The Smart Tech range adds a whole new dimension to Brio and the girls thought it was so clever (as did I). It uses RFID technology to bring the track to life, with tunnels adding sound, changes of direction and automated play it really adds an exciting way for your child to play with the range and their existing track.

The Smart Tech Engine is the key to the interactive world. It’s battery-powered and propels itself around the track, interacting with the tunnels and other buildings.

The two Smart Tech packs we tried where the Brio World Smart Tech Engine Set with Action Tunnels and the Brio Smart Washing station. The girls thought the washing station was brilliant and spent a long time adding different carriages to the Smart Tech Engine so they could be washed. They also particularly loved the Smart Tech tunnels, especially the one the changed the direction of the train.

The Smart Washing Station

We were also sent the Safari Adventure Set, which I think would be a great starter set for a youger child as you don’t require any other Brio with it. It comes with track to create a loop, an engine and carriage, a cave, watering hole, a safari ranger, a set of wooden animals and some trees and hills.

Both girls loved adding this to their collection but I found Evie (three) was more taken with this than Amelie as she loved the cave and the animals.

We have been so impressed with all the BRIO sets so far. The girls were taken with the first set we bought for Evie’s birthday and they have really enjoyed the challenge of building more complex tracks with the new sets gifted to us. I think the quality of the BRIO sets are brilliant and imagine that this will be a toy we can pass down to our new baby boy and hopefully to the girl’s children one day – just as my parents have done with some of our toys.

Sarah x

Disclosure: We were sent the BRIO items with no obligation to post but loved these and wanted to share our thoughts.

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