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The best pregnancy pillow? | AD

December 11, 2019

I’ve always had a pregnancy pillow when I have been pregnant, they are one of those things I don’t think I could live/sleep without, especially in the 2nd and 3rd trimester. One thing that I have found to be an absolute lifesaver this pregnancy is the Bbhugme pregnancy pillow which was gifted to me early on in my pregnancy. I started using it around 15 weeks pregnant, as even in the early days I felt the general uncomfortableness that you have when sleeping or resting with a little one on board. 

What is the BBHugme pillow

Bbhugme pregnancy pillow

The Bbhugme pregnancy pillow

The Bbhugme pregnancy pillow is a pillow, shaped like a long sausage and full of tiny beads that mould into your body. It has a removable and super softcover which comes in a variety of patterns and colours. The pillow provides support around your tummy, lower back, pelvis, knees and ankles for full 5-point support.

At both ends of the pillow you’ll find silicone ‘Pebbles’ which are used to seal the BBHUGME and adjust the firmness. I’ve found this to be really useful as my pregnancy progresses and I’ve felt I’ve needed the pillow to be firmer.

What do I think?

Before this pregnancy, I had heard lots of really good reviews from friends about the pillow, so after having a pregnancy pillow (and loving them) with my other two pregnancies I felt this would be worth a try and I haven’t been disappointed.

When I received the pillow I was instantly impressed at how soft the pillow was and how luxurious the fabric felt, it’s one of those pillows you want to curl up with immediately!

I started using it early on in my pregnancy and felt the difference in my sleep after the first night. I felt more comfortable, felt the pillow took the pressure off all the right points and throughout my pregnancy has helped me sleep when I have been feeling sore or uncomfortable. It really does mould to your body and I love that you can sleep on both sides if needed and can move it easily in the night. 

I also find the pillow really useful for sitting up in bed or on the sofa and my 5 and 3 year old also like to steal it off me as they find it really comfortable for bedtime stories.

Bbhugme pregnancy pillow

It is definitely one of the more expensive pregnancy pillows but I 100% think it is worth the expense and I love it so much  I have just bought the nursing pillow ready for the baby – it just hasn’t arrived yet!! Again, the nursing pillow is more expensive than others but I believe if it’s as good as the pregnancy one it’ll be a good investment. 

Bbhugme nursing pillow

The nursing pillow

The Bbhugme pillow weighs 2 kg and is 1.5m in length.

*The Bbhugme pregnancy pillow was gifted to me. I have recently bought the nursing pillow. This review contains affiliate links* 

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