Our newborn shopping list for our 3rd baby

August 12, 2019

In both my previous pregnancies I’ve got to the 20-week mark and thought ‘I need to get organised’. I can’t believe I am nearly at that stage with this baby, but here we are. I thought it might be useful to share our newborn shopping list of everything that we plan to use for the baby. Some things we have, some we did have and sold (stupidly) and others are new things I have seen.

This newborn shopping list covers what I think are key items. Obviously, everyone is different and you’ll have different needs but this is my list…

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Our newborn shopping list for our 3rd baby

Our newborn shopping list for our 3rd baby

Seraphine maternity dress

When the baby arrives 


Snuzpod 3

We had a Snuzpod for Evie, which my sister then used (with a new mattress) for her second. Stupidly we sold it on as we didn’t know whether we were going to have a third and for space reasons, so this is one product I definitely have on my list!

Evie slept really well in it and as I had a c section with her I found the fact it attached to your bed really handy in the early days. I could just roll over and get her out rather than having to get out of bed. I also loved the mesh breathable sides. I found myself always worrying overnight about Amelie in her Moses basket, especially as I couldn’t see her without sitting up so the sides on the Snuzpod took this worry away for me. The Snuzpod also has a reflux tilt which I think is so handy as we used to have to stack books underneath one side of the cot with Amelie which wasn’t ideal!

The Snuzpod comes in a variety of colours, last time we had a white one, but I love the grey version. 


I really rate the Snugglebundl and it’s a definitely on my newborn shopping list for the early days. The Snugglebundl is a hammock styled baby wrap with strong handles made of soft natural cotton. There is head support for your baby, which means you can move them while they are still asleep.

I used the Snugglebundl to help me lift Evie out of the car seat when we arrived somewhere and she was still asleep (as you don’t want them in their car seat for too long), to make help with my c section recovery as there is less bending when using this product and I also used it in the early days as a snug place to snooze in the day (as I could lift her into another room if Amelie decided she needed food etc). 

Sleepyhead of Sweden

We had a sleepyhead for Evie after hearing friends rave about it and after using it with her (and then buying the bigger version) I definitely will be buying one this time around. I really wish I had used this with Amelie as she didn’t sleep, ever and I wonder whether she might have been more settled in this.

The Sleepyhead is a breathable type nest or pod for your baby to sleep in which I think helps them feel secure and snug. I used the Sleepyhead for both daytime naps and overnight sleep with Evie and found it brilliant when we travelled as her sleeping environment didn’t change. It’s an expensive buy, which honestly put me off at first but my sister used it with her baby and said how amazing it was so I decided to try it. You can also buy them second hand as all the various parts are washable. If you do this contact Sleepyhead, which is what I did and they’ll send you instructions.

[since we used this for Evie there has been some concern over the safety of these ‘pods’ so do make sure you do your own research]

Ewan the dream sheep.

We first bought Ewan for Amelie over five years ago. Ewan plays white noise including womb noise and emits a soft red glow that mimics the setting of the womb to the baby and we found this helped settle Amelie, especially when we were somewhere different!

I am definitely adding this newer, deluxe Ewan the dream sheep to my newborn shopping list. This Ewan has a cry sensor that turns on when your baby cries and most importantly for me is more easily washable (our current Ewan has seen better days)!

I would definitely also recommend a white noise app on your phone, we used this with Evie a lot!

Gro Egg and blinds 

We love Gro products and will be re-using our Gro Egg (which keeps a check on the temperature in your baby’s room) and Gro blinds (for when we travel and need to make the room darker for naps or sleeping).

Gro bags and swaddles 

We have lots of Gro bags (like little sleeping bags) from the girls so will be using these when the baby is big enough to do so as I think they are brilliant for helping them maintain the right temperature (i.e. not kicking covers off). Until she or he is big enough we will be using either a Gro swaddle or cellular blankets. 


Bugaboo Fox 

I’m slightly embarrassed to say we have had three Bugaboo prams since the girls came along but not just for the sake of it – all have had their specific uses and have been well-loved! We started with a Bugaboo Cameleon for Amelie which was fantastic and we used for years. When Evie came along I sold this and bought a second-hand Bugaboo Donkey which was brilliant for days when I went on long walks and they both needed to sit down (or lie). 

Finally, we have a Bugaboo Bee 5 which we bought when Evie was about one and the Donkey became a little large for the trips we were making. I have loved the Bugaboo Bee, but it’s not very good off-road. I find it tips a lot and I don’t always feel that happy pushing it with one hand so we’re going to look at getting something a little bit sturdier as I’ll be using a buggy board for Evie and will also need a hand free to hold Amelie… 

We’ve been looking at the Bugaboo Fox which I had a quick test of in John Lewis the other day and I loved it! It’s very solid, but light and I really liked the height of the bassinet/seat which brings baby a lot higher than the Cameleon or Donkey. I also loved how it collapsed into a cupboard-friendly size and was also self-standing as I’ll need to store it in our hallway which isn’t very wide.

We have a Bugaboo buggy board already which I use on the Bee and as the adapters are the same we’ll be able to transfer this over to the Fox so Evie can sit down on the school run if needed (or if we’re late)!!


The rockit is a portable baby rocker which I saw one of my friends using recently and wondered why it didn’t exist when I had Amelie and Evie! I found with both of the girls as soon as the pram stopped moving they’d wake but the Rockit keeps the pram rocking for you! The Rockit uses a gentle rocking motion to soothe your baby and there have apparently been scientific tests to show the vibration level closely mimics the normal hand rocking of a pushchair and the subtle yet soothing movement is gentler than a pushchair moving over paving stones. This is a must on my newborn shopping list, a bit of a gadget maybe, but when you’ve had two that wake up when a pram stops moving you’ll try anything!

Car seat 

We have a Maxi Cosi Pebble and Isofix base, which has been used for both the girls. It’s still in perfect condition so we’ll be using this again. The only extra thing I’ll need to buy is adapters for the pram and possibly a newborn insert as I don’t know where ours is! 


One of the things we realised when we decided to have three children was that our current car (Nissan Qashqai) wasn’t going to work for a family of five. We’ve been spending a lot of time looking at what the options are for a bigger family and these are the cars that (should) fit three car seats in the middle row…

SUVs – Audi Q7 (x6 isofix points), Volvo XC90 – this came up a lot! (x3 isofix along back seats), BMW X5, Kia Sorento (x3 isofix along back seats), Skoda kodiaq (x3 isofix along back seats), Land Rover Discovery (x2 isofix one seatbelt), Peugeot 5008  (x3 isofix along back seats), Hyundai Santa Fe (x3 isofix along back seats), VW Tiguan allspace, Nissan X trail 

MPvs – Ford SMax (X3 isofix points on the back seats), Citroën Grand C4 SpaceTourer (new name for the Picasso) x3 isofix, SEAT Alhambra x3 isofix, Mazda 5, Ford Galaxy x3 isofix, VW Sharan, Renault scenic / Grand Scenic

Minivan – BMW Grand Tourer


Convert the back of the car to take more seats using the multi mac.

I think we have decided on a Peugeot 5008 but we will make the decision in a month or so…

Changing bag

I have a Jem and Bea bag that I used when Evie was a baby and is still in perfect condition, so I’ll be using this again for this baby. However, as Evie will be at home and we’ll be going out and about I think I’ll also find a backpack useful so I’ve got my eye on a Tiba and Marl one and will be putting it on my Christmas list.


Breast pump 

I didn’t pump with either of the girls but really want to try this time. I’ve been doing some research and these are the products I’m looking at:

Elvie – The Elvie pump is a silent wearable breast pump which fits in your bra is hands-free and has no wires!

Haakaa pump – the Hakka pump is a silicone handheld pump that you attach to your other breast whilst pumping or feeding to collect let down to make sure nothing is wasted.

Nipple shields

I didn’t use nipple shields with Evie but did with Amelie and they really helped me establish breastfeeding. I will have some in my hospital bag just in case. The ones I’ll be adding to my newborn shopping list are Medela ones as I used these previously. 

Nipple cream

I used a lot of this with both Amelie and Evie. The cream I really rate is Lansinoh Lanolin. It’s really soothing and is safe for baby to feed through to try to protect your nipples. I put this on after every feed in the early days. 


I have tried a lot of bottles over the years and the ones the girls took to best were Tommee Tippee ones.

However, I’ve seen these Nanobebe ones which are designed to preserve nutrients in breastmilk so they’re really good if you’re pumping. I really like the shape of them and they look easy to hold so I might give these a go this time around (and have some Tommee Tippee ones on standby)… 

Breast pads 

These are something I didn’t use loads with the girls but are worth having. I am going to try washable ones this time and will probably try the Lanisoh ones. 


If I do use bottles for either pumping or formula I will be reusing my Tommee Tippee microwaveable steriliser.

I found this the easiest steriliser with Evie, but if you are exclusively using bottles the electric one which stands on the side might be better as it takes more bottles…(we had this as well but because I was breastfeeding I didn’t need such a big steriliser) and ended up using the microwavable one more.


If you need a lot of one thing it’s muslins! You’ll need them to throw over your shoulder when winding, to put under your babies head in a cot (then if they’re sick you’ll only need to change a muslin, not all the sheets), for mucky faces, as a cover-up, etc – they have many uses!

I love Eden and Anais muslins, they are expensive, but they wash well and I still have some beautiful ones I will be using again. I also buy packs of plain white ones from John Lewis.


For both girls, we had the Baby Angel Care Bath. I have no idea where ours is but I hope it’s in the loft as it is a fantastic product. We found this bath support made bathing a lot easier as newborns can lie easily and you can wash them without worrying about supporting a slippery newborn. 


This sounds like an odd one but a good towel is essential. I love the White Company ones with a little hood to keep their heads warm. These towels have washed really well over the years and are still soft! I always buy these as gifts for friends.

Bubble bath

In the early days, your baby just needs a bath with water or top and tailing, but once they have something else in the bath we tend to use either Child’s Farm or Aveeno. Evie has eczema on her face and I’ve found these have been the best for her skin. 

At home


Baby Bjorn bouncer

I borrowed my sisters Baby Bjorn bouncer for Evie and it really was the best thing ever!  Evie always seemed really settled in her bouncer and was happy to play with toys or watch everything that was going on around her. This is definitely something I’ll be buying this time as my sister has now sold hers.

Graco Rocker

We had a 4Moms rocker when Evie was a baby and it was so useful to sooth her on days when we didn’t go out much. I’ve heard really good things about the Graco All Ways Soother. These are big and take up room, but I found them brilliant for the first few months and really useful so I’ll definitely be adding one of these to our newborn shopping list.

Changing mat

One thing I was recommended for Evie was to have a changing mat upstairs and downstairs, especially if you’ve had a c section and don’t want to walk up and down a lot. I am planning on having an Olliella one upstairs in the nursery and a John Lewis one downstairs. I am going to take over my dining room table for a little while for changes so I don’t have to bend too much!

High chair 

I really rate the Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair which we bought a few years ago for Amelie and will be adding another one to our newborn shopping list. Amelie used this chair from just over one and still does now at five years old! 

I love the idea of this chair with a newborn attachment. It means that when the girls are eating their dinner the baby can be at the same height as us. After the first 6 months, you can buy an insert for weaning before it turns into the chair that we now use for Amelie. 

So that is my newborn shopping list, I hope it was helpful and please let me know if you have any questions? If you’re expecting your second baby you might find this post useful… ‘Life in the early days with two

Sarah x

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