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Exploring Sealife Weymouth

August 6, 2019

Sealife Weymouth has been one of those attractions we’ve thought about visiting for a while, but when we’ve thought about going it has either been raining or we weren’t sure one of the girls would enjoy it at a young age. As I recently spent a week in Dorset and we weren’t far away we decided to try it.

Sealife Weymouth is situated just outside of Weymouth, fairly close to Portland but within a train ride (which goes along the seafront) distance of the town centre. We were a little confused about where to park as it doesn’t have its own car park and the website suggested parking in the park and ride, however we found there was a fairly large pay and display car park called Lodmoor Car Park just outside. When we arrived 15 minutes before the park opened we found the car park empty but can imagine on busy days it could get busy (as it shares spaces with Lodmoor country park next door). There is a cafe next to the car park and toilets if you’ve had a long journey.

The Park

Sealife Weymouth is split into zones and you can find 13 different ones including the splash pad and play area, Caribbean Cove. You can find over 1,000 creatures at Sealife Weymouth and we enjoyed finding them all…

We found the park to be a really manageable size for little ones (ours are both under 5) and the numbered zones made it easy and fun for our eldest to direct us to on the map.

The zones were as follows: Harbourside, Nursery, Penguins, Fairy penguin island, Breed rescue protect, Ray lagoon, Rockpool, Turtle sanctuary, Seals, Rainforest, Shipwreck and Ocean Tunnel.

Some of our favourite zones were the rock pool zone, where little ones could touch starfish and walk over a running stream. We spent a while here as the girls are always asking about rockpools when we’re on the beach, so this was a perfect environment to explain it all.

Evie watching the starfish

The Shipwreck zone was fantastic, with hiding octopuses, jellyfish, and lots of reef fish including a few the girls recognised as Nemo and Dory.

We also loved the Ocean Tunnel walk with sharks, stingray and other fish swimming overhead. 

Jellyfish in the Shipwreck zone

We loved all the interactive elements at the park inside the marine zones. Our eldest Amelie really enjoyed using the tablets to look at the different pictures of fish and was asking us to help her name them.

The seals were also a favourite, the girls loved hearing what their names were and tried to spot them based on how they behaved.

Amelie watching the seals

As we went on on a gorgeous day the splash pad and paddling pool was a perfect place to cool down. The paddling pool was at knee height for both of the girls with a good slide so they spent a while playing here. Make sure you wear something sensible though as I had to get in with them and got soaked!

The paddling pool at Sealife Weymouth

We also spent a short while at Caribbean Cove a fantastic play area for all ages. The girls loved the boats and slides and with grass surrounding the area parents could sit and watch.


We found the tickets to be much cheaper when booked in advance so definitely do this rather than on the door. They quote up to 40% off on the door prices so check ahead and see what the best time is to go.

We packed our own packed lunch, which we ate on one of the picnic benches near the splash pad but I forgot Evie’s pasta so had to buy some and that and some garlic bread cost approximately £8. 

Is it a rainy day venue?

I would say this weather is a fair-weather venue. The zones are all inside, but you’ll need to be outside to access them and the splash park, paddling pool and park were such a good extra it would be a shame not to enjoy them. 

In summary, we thoroughly enjoyed our time and Sealife Weymouth. Even though we went in the summer holidays, it didn’t feel too busy and the girls absolutely loved it and were so engaged with all the attractions. We spent a morning (arriving at 10am) and had lunch at Sealife Weymouth and felt that was a perfect amount of time to enjoy all of the marine zones and some time at the paddling pool/splash pad. I think if you had older children you could spend a little longer in the playground as well but we didn’t want to wear them out too much!


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