12 week pregnancy update

July 2, 2019

A few months ago Nick and I had the conversation ‘shall we have another one’? Of course, all the practicalities came into the conversation; we’d need a new car, where would the baby sleep, how would it work financially, how would it be with the two girls and a big one for us both, the worry of another operation for me. 

We talked a lot, did some research  (I spoke to some doula and midwife friends) and we decided that if it happened we’d be thrilled and if not we were and are so lucky with our two little girls. 

When we decided to try for Amelie and Evie we didn’t conceive straight away so in my head we’d maybe, if we were lucky, have two lines on a test at the end of the year or early next year, so when I missed my period and started feeling shattered at the beginning of May I didn’t really put two and two together very quickly because I really wasn’t expecting it!

It was after a few days of my period not coming, feeling like I needed to nap and a horrible taste in my mouth, I thought I’d better take a pregnancy test. After two lines appeared twice I was a little shocked to say the least but absolutely thrilled and couldn’t wait to tell Nick when he got home!

So here we are 13 weeks (hello second trimester) later! The first few weeks have absolutely flown by and I can’t quite believe I am now 13 weeks pregnant. The last few weeks have been quite tough so I’m hoping the start of the second trimester brings a little more energy and less sickness… 

So how have I been feeling? 

Mainly tired, nauseous and emotional! I’ve been suffering a little bit with headaches on and off but I think that’s been due to the heat!

It’s the tiredness and nausea that’s been the real challenge, probably the tiredness the most with two little ones to run after. 

I remember when I was pregnant with Amelie, the tiredness I felt was immense, like a tiredness I’d never felt before, but I worked my hours at work, had a super supportive team who let me rest at lunch and as soon as I got home I put my feet up so I managed the first trimester pretty well. 

Pregnancy (and the first trimester) with Evie was slightly different. I was working in London four days a week, with a very active nearly two-year-old and it was tiring, to say the least! Fast forward to this pregnancy I’m not working in my old job anymore so there isn’t the commute but that’s not to say I haven’t struggled. I’ve found working in the evenings (which is usually when I do my freelance work) almost impossible as I just don’t have the energy – even when I’ve been napping at lunch. It’s been quite hard as I obviously have to work but as I also have Evie four days out of five I’m really having to fit as much as I can into my Wednesday 6 hour slot – it’s been a juggle and is why I’ve been a bit quieter recently. 

Nausea is not my friend at the moment, I find if I don’t eat regularly I feel really sick, so lots of ginger biscuits and watermelon (weird I know) have been my go-to snacks! I am also addicted to jacket potatoes, I have no idea why but if I could eat one every day I would!! It’s also so interesting what you go off – I am a huge water fan but I’ve struggled to stomach it so squash has been a staple for me so I can keep my fluids up. I also haven’t fancied any wine (I thought I’d struggle to give it up – which obviously I would and have done) but the smell made me feel sick. It has been a similar story with coffee, I love one but after that, I just feel sick thinking about it! 

I haven’t really done much else for nausea other than eating regularly, but for a few hours that seems to do the trick. I’m hoping now I’m in my second trimester I’ll go back to craving fruit and veg rather than beige things! 

It’s also been really interesting that all my symptoms have been the same as with my pregnancies with the girls. I’ve craved the same things and felt very similar (other than more tired), which is why at the moment, I do wonder if it’s another girl…

Telling the girls

We decided to tell the girls privately after we had our 12-week scan. 

We told Amelie and Evie separately because we expected Amelie to have a lot of questions, which she did! We picked her up together from school and took her to the park and told her the news. It took her a little while to process it all, but once she understood she was so excited and we wrote down some of the things she said… 

She said things like ‘now I’m going to have to look after two little ones’, ‘I’ve always wanted another baby’ and ‘can the baby come now Mummy’. She’s been absolutely thrilled and has been kissing my tummy and telling me I’m getting bigger every day. It’s been lovely to see the excitement. 

We also told Evie that evening and after a lot of explaining and reading baby books, we think she understands. She’s been copying Amelie kissing my tummy and has been talking about the baby in my tummy which has been super cute. She also keeps asking me if I’m ok and if I’m tired, which has been very sweet. 

I don’t think they really understand the concept of time, but we’ve explained it’ll be after Christmas, so I think they’ll both be very excited come December! 


We will be finding out the gender of the baby. Maybe stupidly we sold a lot of baby things after Evie, so we’re going to need to buy a few major things. It would be nice to know the gender for organisational reasons but the main reason was that we found out with Evie and loved knowing that bump was a little sister for Amelie. We think it would be nice for them to know so we can talk about what it would be like with a sister or a brother. As for the girls, Amelie is desperate for a brother and Evie says she wants a sister so we’ll see…

So that’s the first trimester done.

I’m going to start writing or filming weekly updates, mostly so I have a little memory bank of my pregnancy with number 3. This is going to be my last pregnancy so I want to remember everything and this is just such a good way to document it. If one person reads it and finds it helpful or relatable then I’d be really pleased. 

Thanks for reading and I look forward to sharing more soon. 

Sarah xx

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