What your child will need in reception…

June 20, 2019

Is your little one starting in reception in September? No idea how much uniform to buy?

Here are my tips as a Mum of a reception child…

What your child will need in reception…


Reception children get dirty, they are outside, painting, exploring so I would recommend having a few of every item of clothing so you’re not washing every evening!

Our school has a brilliant PTA who sell second-hand clothes (if you’re not sure ask at one of your induction days), so I have a stash of second-hand clothes on hand for weeks when I’m not very good with my washing and we run out of dresses!

We have uniform from a number of high street shops and the school official retailer (for PE kit and jumpers), this is a list of what we have (Summer and Winter) with quantities. 

Summer uniform

Cardigan – x3 (Amelie is quite tidy so generally I find I don’t have change this or the school jumper every day)

School dresses – x4

Long and short socks – x2 packs of 5 each

Rain coat – x1

Winter uniform

Pinafores – x4

School jumpers – x4

Polo tops – x5

Tights – x10

Winter coat – x1

PE Kit

This will be specific to your school so we bought from the official retailer but she has plimsolls from Clarks.

A few tips on uniform…

  • Amelie is quite petite and I struggle with things like shorts so I have found winter uniform wise a pinafore much better for her than a skirt that might fall down and annoy her.
  • We have uniform from a number of shops. I’ve found that the Tesco cardigans have lasted really well, M&S polo tops to be really soft and have washed well, M&S pinafores have fitted really well and haven’t bobbled and Sainsbury’s summer dresses have a tie around the waist which is good for Amelie as it fits better. Annoyingly the official school uniform jumpers have been the worst quality (and the most expensive) so I am going to look at the second-hand ones for next year. 
  • Some of the summer dresses have buttons, some zips. I find the zip ones much better, especially on PE days when Amelie needs to dress herself (she can do buttons but it takes a while).
  • I’ve found the sizing on school tights ridiculous so always have to size down. Sainsbury’s have the best tights but I have to buy online.
  • Check offers now – it may seem like a long way off but lots of companies are doing discounts on uniforms now…
  • I always have a spare pair of knickers and socks in her book bag just in case.

Label everything!

There are so many great label companies out there now so you really don’t have to spend hours ironing labels on (unless you want to)!

Make sure when your child starts reception that t-shirts, jumpers, socks, underwear, wellie boots, shoes, water bottles – everything is labelled! The biggest conversation in my parents WhatsApp group is whether anyone has xx’s jumper or PE kit, I have no idea what they do when they get changed 😂

The most annoying thing is Amelie coming home with something and not being able to read the label so we can give it back to the right family. 


I tie Amelie’s hair up every day in a ponytail, so she can see and also I’ve heard you’re less likely to get nits (no idea if this is true)?!

Her school request that you wear the colour of the uniform in their hair and I have found the M&S packs really good.

I started Amelie with hair bands and clips but they are taken out every day so I just tie it up now…

Something to collect their artwork in

Amelie has come home with A LOT of junk modelling, artwork and cards this year so it has been essential to have somewhere to put it all. I have been using these Meminio books for a while to save their favourite creations so get prepared – you’ll be getting a lot of gifts.

I hope that was helpful and good luck!

Sarah x

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