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Getting back into fitness at The Thames Club [AD]

January 31, 2019

[Advertisement feature: Unpaid, health club membership in exchange for coverage]

I’m going to be super honest here…

I’ve massively avoided getting into exercise over the last few years. There’s always been something else to do – work, the girls, the guilt of leaving them to do something by myself. Basically anything. I’m not sure why I put such a barrier up for looking after myself, maybe I was terrified to do it because I’d realise how unfit I was?!

Anyway. At the end of last year, The Thames Club approached me about working with them for a few months to try their health club. With the thought of Christmas and the January resolutions I said yes and since the day I started there I have been feeling very grateful and lucky that I’ve been given the opportunity not only to go to a health club but to put myself and my health first – I definitely needed a kick!

So, how have I been finding the experience – well honestly amazing.
Today I’m mostly going to talk about my experience in the gym as I haven’t had the chance to start hot yoga yet but I’ll be feeding back on that in a few weeks…

When I first joined the team explained that I needed to have a series of inductions into the gym. The Thames Club have what I think is a great four step induction; which for newbies like me is perfect. The four step induction happens over four weeks ideally and includes;

A Getting To Know You session.

The Fitness Programme starts with a discovery and journey mapping session with an instructor. I sat down with Hector and discussed my goal setting, had a basic health check and looked at my body stats using Tanita Body Composition scales. This Tanita data is then uploaded onto an app (MyWellness) on your phone so you can see where you start and read more about it all.

I also had a gym introduction where Hector showed me some key machines to get me started.

Own It

The next session was an ‘own it’ session where I had a 1-2-1 training session with an instructor to set a fuller programme. We agreed on a circuit type programme using two machines and weights. I love this programme so much and gives me the drive to actually do something in the gym! Each set of exercises isn’t too long so there is definitely no chance of getting bored!

Up Your Game

The next session which I had this week was a session with a personal trainer. There was a choice of 15 sessions including Boxercise, Kettlebells, Calisthenics, Compound training, HIIT training, suspension training and much more. I chose boxercise and had the BEST session ever with Jake. I had so much fun I didn’t even really register I was training – I would love to do this again.

Results Driven

The final session which I haven’t done yet is to track my progress towards my goals using Tanita Body Scanner again. Once we have looked at the results I’ll be given updates to my programme… I’ll let you know how I get on!

I have been really impressed with both the gym and the staff there. The gym is really light and inviting as has lots of very (I think) advanced equipment. For those who are interested the cardio machines include: treadmills, cross trainers, rowers, waves, exercise and spin bikes. They also have fixed weights and cable machines covering every muscle in the body and a free weights area with, Olympic bars, squat racks, smith machine, bench press and dumbbells. There is also an area with equipment like battleropes, plyo boxes, kettlebells, VIPRS, TRX suspension frame and powerplates, two punchbags with gloves, pads and a dedicated stretch/cool down area.

If I am honest I was a little terrified the first time I set foot in the gym but through the thorough induction programme, I’ve found I’ve loved the circuit programme I’ve been set and the boxercise class was brilliant fun!

I always try and use some of the rest of the facilities at the club when I’m there especially the stunning swimming pool, which I always find so relaxing! I also try and have a quick dip in the jacuzzi!

After all of that I’m usually starving and luckily there is a great cafe which serves delicious food and great coffees so there really is everything at the club that you’d need!

I haven’t made the most of the club at all yet, there are so many classes and the hot yoga I need to try out but the girls chicken pox kind of threw me a bit but I’m so excited for February.
I don’t think I’ve lost any weight (we’ll find out next week in my final gym induction) but I feel better, brighter have more of a spring in my step and my attitude to looking after myself has changed. I am pretty happy with that after a month.

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