Five Things No One Tells You When Your Kids Start School

December 2, 2018

As with a lot of things in parenting, why oh why do people keep the hard and challenging parts a secret. It’s like a little secret society. Breastfeeding is hard, cue ‘oh yes we knew that don’t worry you’re not alone now’, labour is nowhere near like what they told you, cue every story under the sun of labours that weren’t the ones NCT told you about, I could go on. What I really want to talk about is – why did no one tell me that having a child in school is like having another job?!

Seriously the admin is insane, I genuinely feel like I need another school diary to manage my life, so in the spirit of sharing here are five things no one tells you but I wish I had known…

You might as well be at school yourself

Homework, reading, phonics classes – there is so much to learn when little ones start school. I genuinely feel like I need to go back to school and she’s only in reception. I am TERRIFIED about her doing harder maths in a few years time. Terrified.

You need to take a class in arts, crafts and sewing to have a child at school

I had no idea that I would have to make costumes, cut out 60 baubles for a class Christmas card, help with arts. Either take the classes or delegate to a parent that can sew (not that I would ever do that)!

Be prepared to take money, junk, extra things in, every week

Just remember or your little one will be shouting ‘mummy where is ours’?!

You’ll join a whatsapp group that will save you on many occasions!

My class whatsapp group has saved me on so many occasions when I have forgotten something vital! Thank goodness for the more organised Mums! My advice. Join the group and follow it – you’ll definitely need the reminders!

You’ll feel like you’re being told off when something is forgotten

I forgot a reading book last week and definitely felt like I was going to get told off! The pressure to remember everything is real. My advice – pack the night before and double check it all in the morning in case you have a toddler like ours who takes things out of bags!!

How have you found becoming a school Mum? Do you feel like no one told you how much you’d need to do?


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