What To Do With Your Child’s Sleep When The Clocks Go Back

October 27, 2018

“Yay, the clocks are going back. That means an extra hour in bed, I’m so excited!!”

I said this four years ago when we first had Amelie and haven’t said it again, because we all know when the clocks change the little ones often don’t change with it. If your child wakes at 6am, expect a cry at 5am. Our worst was when Evie was waking at 5am, I can’t even bring myself to remember those 4am days!

So what can you do

I’m really sorry to say it but I don’t have a magic solution.

The general consensus and everything I have read over the last couple of years say you should start your new clock routine six days before (eg on the Monday before). Essentially you change your child’s routine by putting it back by 10 minutes. The next day you put it back another 10 minutes and fingers crossed by Sunday you’re all set!

But, that’s a very well, but with another child, normal routines and well, from me disorganisation that the clocks are going back (I mean it was 17 degrees this week, how can it be that time of year) we forget or it’s just not doable.

So, what’s a better plan?

Firstly, don’t make bedtime later, I’ve tried this before and unfortunately it doesn’t work for my children, if it does for yours, try it but it may go back the day after! If you’ve ever been on a long haul holiday you’ll know our internal sleep clocks are very powerful.

What I have found and tried last year was accepting that they’ll wake at the normal time and then try and move their whole routine back so; leaving them in their rooms after they wake for 5/10 minutes, put breakfast back by 15 minutes, putting lunch back by 30 minutes and then trying to put dinner and bedtime back by 60 minutes. Try adding in snacks if you need to, but if it’s really not working, don’t push it! Meal times can help set internal clocks so this is a way to try and re-adjust them…

You could also try

1) Using a gro clock for older toddlers, this can help them tell the time or start to have an idea of when it’s time to get up. It becomes even more useful when the clocks change.

2) Having a consistent bedtime routine so even when the time changes you are keeping the usual routine the same.

3) Get outside in the day and wear them out, lots of fresh air always helps!

What have you found that works?

Sarah x

*We were gifted the Groclock but were not asked to produce this content*

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