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Top 10 Tips For Holidays With Kids

September 25, 2018

Holidays with your children can provide the most amazing memories, as busy parents we switch off on holiday and as such spend a lot more quality time with our children. I always see our two grow so much whilst we are away.

To make sure you get the most out of your holiday there are a few things that you can do when you are there and before you go to make sure everything is as easy as possible.

Top 10 Tips For Holidays With Kids

1) Think about and prepare for the flight or journey. Long journeys for little ones can be difficult, especially if it coincides with nap times or food times. Make sure you take lots of snacks, enough milk for babies and toddlers for the flight, transfer and in case you get delayed. Think about flight bags with activities for little ones – these can be invaluable for keeping them still if they’re on a plane.

2) Be prepared by scanning or taking a photo of passports, travel documents and anything else important and email yourself. This will make it much easier if the worst happens.

3) Stock up on travel wash and extra clothes for little ones as they are likely to spill everything down themselves when you’re away.

4) See if you can rent baby equipment or borrow it if you’re staying in a hotel. Lots of companies and hotels can lend or rent you car seats, buggies, high chairs, cots, bed guards and sterilising equipment rather than taking it with you or trying to manage without it.

5) Pre-book car parks, fast-track security to save you time and stress when you’re travelling.

6) Make sure you have adequate global travel insurance. We all know how accident prone little ones can be so don’t leave home without checking that you’ll be covered if anything happened.

7) Take toys and activities for the little ones as often toys and inflatables are very expensive when you’re away. If you have a baby who’ll sit up unaided consider taking a small paddling pool that you can fill with toys and a little water so they can sit in the shade near you and play without going in a big pool.

8) Check your hotel or resort to see if you can buy baby food/formula nearby without having to take it all with you.

9) If you have a baby consider vacuum packing a pillow which can then be used on the flight as a little bed. If they fall asleep and you need to move it’s much easier to lift them if they’re on a pillow.

10) If you’re doing a long car journey with kids put a fitted sheet over the back sheet to catch any crumbs, it makes tidying up a lot easier!

Sarah x

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