My Morning Routine With Two Children

September 3, 2018

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As the new school terms starts I am starting to think about my morning routine and how it will change from the ‘summer holiday slow routine’ into a ‘need to get out of the door with two children quickly’ routine!

I have been having a few practice days where I try and get out of the door a little quicker so we are ready for the new school year so thought I would share how we do it.

My Morning Routine With Two Children

Good morning

The girls wake up between 6.30am and 7.00am so I have started getting up a little before them so I can make sure everything is sorted before they start running around, requesting things and wanting to play.

The first thing I always do in the morning is put my dressing gown on, head downstairs and make a cup of coffee or tea for whoever wants it. The kettle is switched on and in a few minutes, I have what every parent needs in the morning, caffeine.

I love our Breville Flow kettle in Mushroom, it looks so stylish in our kitchen with its textured design and it’s also quick and has a has a 1.7L capacity for 6-8 cups, perfect if you’re really tired or need to warm milk for little ones! I don’t always have much time in the morning to make a drink, so I love the pull off lid which makes filling it easier and quicker.  Not only do I think this kettle looks fantastic it’s good value at £49.99, I hope with the removable, washable limescale filter it’ll last longer as our water is very hard and always makes our appliances age quickly.

Once the drinks are made I quickly check that all the bags that I packed the night before for school or going out for the day are ready and then I head upstairs to get the girls up (if they’re not already) and deliver drinks.

Getting the girls breakfast

At about 7.15am the girls and I head downstairs to have breakfast. The girls love a bowl of cereal and then toast at the moment. We definitely go through phases of favourite breakfasts but this seems to be the winner at the moment. I try to encourage one piece of fruit with breakfast, Amelie loves pink apples and Evie blueberries so we tend to have those with toast.

If you saw my post recently on fussy eating you will have seen that I try and make food as fun as possible so we often cut our toast or food into fun shapes or serve lots of little bits in the middle of the table. It doesn’t take too much longer than cutting toast into fingers so I try and do this at breakfast as well.

The Breville Flow toaster in Mushroom makes it so much easier to quickly create lots of toast shapes with four toasting sections, a fully removable crumb tray and cord storage feature which ensures a tidy work surface. It toasts perfectly each time due to the dual variable browning controls which can create both lightly browned and darker toast at the same time with ease and looks gorgeous on the side. The best feature about this toaster for me is the ‘lift and look’ function which allows toast to be easily checked on during toasting – perfect if one child wants warm bread and the other toast! The toaster matches the kettle with the textured design and looks fantastic together next to our cream cupboards.

I try and sit at the table with the girls at breakfast both to help them and also try and have a family breakfast as I think it’s really important to try and sit together. I do find myself jumping up and down though as one will ask for something and then the other!

Getting ready and dressed

Once we have all eaten it’s back upstairs to get the girls dressed. In the holidays we have been having playtime before we get dressed but with school deadlines, I try and get them ready to leave and if there is time once everything is done they can play! We tend to head back upstairs to get ready about 7.45/8am.

Once we’re upstairs Amelie generally dresses herself (with a little help from me with what she should be wearing that day) and Evie will run away from me as I try to get her dressed! I make sure that they have brushed their teeth, hair is clipped back or in a hairband and then I will quickly get dressed.

Once this is all done (which takes surprisingly long as anyone with a toddler will know) we go downstairs for a little play before we need to leave/run out of the door.

My biggest tip – be ready to leave 10 minutes before you need to. I always find that a shoe has gone missing or someone needs to go to the toilet/have a nappy change. If you leave that buffer it’ll make the mornings much less stressful!

Have you started getting ready for the new school routine?

Sarah x

*This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Breville*


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