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10 Top Tips For Days Out With Kids 

August 11, 2018

It’s the Summer holidays and for us, like many families, we are going out more, especially as we’re having gorgeous weather!

Day trips and activities can provide the most wonderful memories, but they can also be expensive, stressful and busy – so if you’re thinking of going to a big attraction or even just to the beach here are some top tips to make the day work like clockwork!

10 Top Tips For Days Out With Kids

1) Bring clothes for all seasons and check the weather

We’ve been lucky with the weather recently, but the British weather can be changeable so make sure you take clothes for rain, sun and a change of clothes just in case they decide to jump in the biggest muddy puddle! Finally always remember sun cream, hats and sunglasses!

2) Don’t pay full prices

If you’re going to a big attraction like Chessington or Legoland try not to pay the full price. There are lots of ways to get family discounts from Tesco Clubcard points, to a Merlin card and deals on products in the supermarket (deals I’ve seen recently are Carex and Tilda rice). Merlin Entertainments (which owns Legoland as well as many others) has partnered with Cadbury and Kellogg’s to offer a free adult ticket to Legoland, as well as other attractions.

Also try looking to see if booking in advance online will lower the price, often this can be a cost-effective way to travel.

3) Bring food and drink

Food and drink when you’re out and about can be expensive, especially with little ones in tow who often won’t eat all or any of what you buy.

We always take a picnic, 100% for them and usually for us. We have a great picnic backpack which not only keeps food chilled, has a picnic mat and plates/cups and one of us can carry it on our backs. We find the girls eat much better when it’s familiar food and they’re not swayed by chips as we can (weather permitting) sit on the grass under a tree. They often enjoy the picnic part the most!

If you have a toddler who has just started eating or is particularly fussy try buying pouches or putting favourite foods into lots of little Tupperware. This makes it much more fun for them and will hopefully keep them still long enough to eat something!

4) Remember little ones get tired

Our four year old will happily walk everywhere now, but take her on a day trip and after five minutes she’ll want to be carried so make sure you have a buggy or a buggy board or something to save you from having to carry a tired child! You can often hire buggies at attractions but they can add to the cost of the day out.

5) Write mobile numbers on your children

We recently went to Marwell Zoo and thought it was a such a good idea that they provided stickers and pens so you could write your mobile number on the sticker and then put it on your child. If there isn’t this at the attraction you’re visiting write your number on your child’s arm.

6) Dress them in bright clothing

I’m not sure if this is just me, but I always dress the girls in bright clothing when we go out for the day, it’s also usually the same dress. This isn’t just for nice pictures it’s also so I can see them in a crowd and if I’m looking for two in the same I will always know where they are.

7) Bring swimming clothes

Lot’s of attractions have splash pads or paddling pools so on a hot day remember swimming clothes or remember to take clothes off before they run in so they have something dry for when they come out.

8) Activities can still be fun for young ones

Attractions can still be fun for the little ones who often go in free. Peppa Pig World has the most amazing playground for crawlers/toddlers so can still be a good day out for them as well.

peppa pig world

9) Think about when you arrive and leave

If your kids are anything like mine the first question you hear in the car is ‘are we there’ so getting stuck in traffic in either direction isn’t ideal. Check the traffic before you leave, don’t go in rush hour and never leave just as somewhere closes – you’ll be thankful for leaving a little before the masses!

10) Look for ways to make queuing quicker

Look for ways to make queuing quicker. Similar to the above, little ones often can’t wait for long so either go early or buy early bird tickets.

Have you been on any day trips with the kids recently? What would you add?

Sarah x

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