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Free Your Home From Its Shackles

August 6, 2018

Do you sometimes feel as if you haven’t been yourself for a while?

For a lot of people, the sensation can occur if you’ve been stuck in the wrong job or relationship for too long. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to solve the issue. You need to get back onto your own path and leave behind the burden that was slowing you down.

Surprisingly, you can also experience the same sensation when it comes to your home. It’s your home, and you love it, but somehow it doesn’t quite feel like it anymore. Here too, the solution is simple; strip your home from everything that isn’t right and free it from its shackles.

Let it be light

A dark room can dramatically affect your mood and your perception of the space. There’s a reason why northern countries value natural light: during long and dark winters, they can avoid SAD syndrome by ensuring that they maximise the sources of natural light at home. In other words, if you want to create a happy home, you need to look after your windows and make sure that every room has a direct source of sunlight. You can also consider the addition of a skylight solution for high-ceiling spaces. The mind reacts positively to the presence of natural light – and this will reduce your electricity bills!


Open plan space

An open plan area transforms the feeling of floor space by taking the interior walls down. Turning your ground floor into an open space can significantly improve your family life at home. Indeed, with some tweaking you can establish a natural environment that flows freely between different zones – the kitchen, the dining room, the living room, etc. – that are defined by the furniture. This lets you create a common nucleus that enhances family bonds. Ultimately a home that brings the family together is a place in which you can relax and feel safe.  


Place nature at the heart of your home

Several studies have demonstrated that the human mind reacts positively to being in nature. Nature is not only a creative space, but it also provides peace and mindfulness. So, it would be foolish to miss out on the potential of nature in your home. Adding earthy elements to your decor, such as a wooden centrepiece for your table, lets you set a friendly and soothing ambiance. Houseplants are also a fantastic addition to your decor, as their presence is both relaxing – they can lower your heart rate – and purifying.


Keep your air clean and pure

The air you breathe isn’t clean. Outdoors, car fumes and industrial pollution affect the air quality. But indoors, dust and invisible toxin particles – such as formaldehyde from your plywood furniture – can also be harmful to your health. The symptoms can range from mild headaches to allergies and difficulty to think clearly. Certains houseplants can purify the air. But you can also consider the purchase of an air purifier that can eliminate toxic particulate matters. Your house will instantly feel more welcoming.


Ultimately, you want to feel liberated and relieved at home. Clutter, darkness, lack of natural elements and poor air quality can affect your mental and physical health. It’s time to take action and remove everything that stops your house from being a home.


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