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Our Day At Marwell Zoo

July 23, 2018

Marwell Zoo has been one of the places I have always wanted to take the girls ever since I wrote a post on Instagram asking where the best Zoo’s were locally to us here in Surrey.

We decided to go to the Zoo this year for Amelie’s birthday and were thrilled when Marwell Zoo offered us the tickets to come and tell everyone what we thought.

The drive from where we are in Surrey (very close to junction 10 on the M25) was really easy. We timed it just after rush hour and did the trip in a little over an hour. The Zoo is really easy to find and parking was easy and quick. We found little to no queues when we arrived just after 10am, although we did go on a Wednesday. Once we were inside we grabbed our maps and explorer guides and went to explore.

Marwell Zoo

Marwell Zoo

The girls were keen to see everything, Amelie even mentioned rabbits, so we had a big conversation about the zoo versus a farm. After we’d tried to explain the difference we went to find the penguins who she thought would be her toy penguins friends.

When we arrived at the home of the penguins I was really impressed. It was so easy for both girls to see everything, even Evie our toddler could stand fairly close to the animals and see everything. She kept saying wow and loved seeing them jump into the water.

Penguins at Marwell Zoo

Once we’d seen the penguins on land we decided to explore the rest of the penguin area. We found a super little play area, perfect to break up walks with little ones and then found the underwater viewing part. The girls were squealing with excitement when we saw the penguins swim past, they were so excited and so were lots of other little ones!

Penguins at Marwell Zoo

After the initial excitement, we went to explore the rest of the Zoo. The one thing that struck me about Marwell Zoo was the size and the accessibility. It didn’t seem too big and for a four and one-year-old was small enough for them to almost walk the whole way around. But it wasn’t small – there was so much to see, it has just been designed very well.

In every area, we found extra fun things for the girls to do, like measuring how tall they were in comparison to a giraffe or looking on a huge map to see where lemurs come from. The girls were amazed and I loved seeing them (especially Amelie) really think about what they were seeing.

Marwell Zoo

Next, it was onto the giraffes which the girls loved and could have watched all day. As with the penguins it was so easy for little ones to see and there were handy benches nearby so tired little legs could watch and sit down.

At about 11.15am Amelie declared she was starving and couldn’t wait any longer for lunch so we headed in the direction of the cafe. We loved the cake and the coffees and the girls had their packed lunch.

This building seemed very new and had stunning views over the fields which kept the girls occupied while we had some food.

Marwell Zoo

After lunch we went to check out the picnic area, perfect if you bring your own lunch and need somewhere to sit. We found a great play area close by which the girls loved.

Play area at Marwell Zoo

We then went to explore the very beautiful looking building that was the Tropical House. The girls loved seeing the butterflies and the fish.

Tropical House at Marwell Zoo

Our final stop of the day was the manor house and the gardens which were stunning. The girls had great fun running up and down the grass slopes and I really enjoyed seeing the summer blooms in the gardens.

On our way back to the exit and of course the gift shop we found the monkeys which were probably the funniest part of the trip. Both girls were in fits of giggles at the monkeys jumping and we spent ages watching them.

We had the most wonderful day at Marwell Zoo. I would thoroughly recommend it to parents looking for Summer holiday activities and especially parents with little ones as I think it’s a perfect day out for parents with toddlers.

Have you been to Marwell Zoo, what did you think?

Sarah xx

*We were gifted the tickets for our trip in exchange for this review, all thoughts are my own*

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