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3 Ways Having a Blog Can Help You Get Settled in after a Move

July 20, 2018

Moving homes is a deeply disorienting experience for the vast majority of us. Although, if all goes according to plan, the move should also prove to be well worth any trouble caused by the upheaval of moving your life from one location to another, there’s still going to be a stressful adjustment period before you feel properly at home once more.

There are many things that you can and should do to help yourself, and your family, get over this inevitable period of uncertainty, including attending local events, signing up for local clubs, walking around the area, and decorating to the home and garden to create the most familiar and welcoming atmosphere possible.


If you play your cards right, you should be able to defuse a good deal of stress from the situation while a service like shiply delivers new goods to your home, so that you can begin your new life in comfort.


Though it’s not often talked about, running your own blog can be a very useful way of helping yourself deal with this period of upheaval.


Here are some ways having a blog can help you get settled in after a move.


By providing “familiar territory” for you to work with


A move is obviously disorienting primarily because it removes you from a familiar and comfortable environment that you understand, and places you in a new and uncertain environment that you’ll inevitably struggle to wrap your head around at the initial stages of the move.


While you may find yourself disoriented for a while when you wake up in the morning and stumble the wrong way to the bathroom, having a blog allows you to enjoy a sense of “familiarity”, even if only in non-physical space.


Your blog will look the same, contain the same posts, and be a familiar entity in your life. That, alone, can be helpful.


By giving you an avenue to explore your feelings and document the experience in a controlled manner


When we move home, it’s not always easy for us to explore and express our feelings in a productive manner. If we have children, this often complicates things further, as we need to be strong and stable for their sake.


A blog provides an avenue for exploring and expressing your feelings about the move, whether those feelings are a mixture of homesickness and excitement, or something else.


You don’t necessarily even need to make the blog post explicitly about you. Simply writing a general post like “struggles of moving homes” can give you room to vent.


By giving you something to distract yourself with


As a general rule, the early stages of any move are going to be somewhat chaotic, with unpacked cardboard boxes all over the place, and a general air of chaos ruling the environment.


Your blog is something that you can use to distract yourself, productively, from your surroundings when you need a moment to step back and catch your breath.


With a blog, you can immerse yourself in exploring a given topic, or you can simply browse old posts to see how well they’ve held up.

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