Things I Did Today To Make My (Nearly) Two Year Old Hate Me

July 16, 2018

Terrible Two’s or in my case terrible *nearly* two’s. I have been having quite a lot of challenging parenting days recently, those days where you can’t seem to do anything right. You breathe and they have a tantrum, they do something dangerous, you stop them and they look at you like you’re the worst person ever!

I thought I would write down a few of the things that have happened recently to let other Mama’s know you’re not alone!

Here are the things I do to make my (nearly) two year old hate me

1) Put her in a buggy when she was too tired to walk.

2) Got her out of the buggy when she screamed, only to find that as well, was the wrong thing to do.

3) Picked her up for a cuddle when she put her hands up for me to pick her up.

4) Put her down when she squirmed.

5) Gave her a rice cake when she wanted a fruit puff.

6) Gave her a bunny when she screamed baba, only for her to throw bunny on the floor. One second later she screamed baba again.

7) Tried to stop her from opening and shutting a door for the 50th time.

8) Put a nappy on her when she wanted to wear knickers like her sister.

9) Stopped her from opening and shutting the freezer door.

10) Tried to hold her hand when we crossed a road.

11) Tried to play shop with her.

12) Tried to play anything with her.

13) Tried to talk to her.

14) Breathed near her.

Being nearly two and being a Mama of a two-year-old can sometimes be very hard!! Anyone else going through the terrible two’s?

If anyone can translate whines, please let me know.

Sarah x

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