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Great Ways to Quickly Update Your Bedroom

July 11, 2018

For most of us, our bedroom is an important place. It is far more than just somewhere to sleep and get changed. Many of us use it as a place to go to when we want some ‘me’ time. It is very much an oasis of calm. So, keeping it up to date and looking nice needs to be a priority. Fortunately, as you will see it is not that difficult to do.

Update your bedding

By far the easiest way to quickly make a big difference is to update your bedding. Pretty much regardless of what your tastes are you can find and buy something suitable online. For example, there are more sets available on this site than you will ever need.

Change the window dressings

During the day, let as much natural light into the room as possible. Doing this kills germs and can help to lift your spirits if you spend any time in there during the day. If necessary change your window dressings to let more natural light in, but be sure to choose new curtains or blinds that are thick enough to keep the early morning light out. That way you should not find yourself waking up before you are ready to do so.

Hang some new artwork

Updating wall art is a quick and easy way to keep your bedroom up to date. You can do this in several ways. Buying new canvas prints is a particularly easy approach, but you could also look at redecorating walls using a wall sticker or a stenciling kit, this isn’t hard to do and can look fantastic.

Look at the flooring

If your carpet is a bit worn but you can’t replace it you can simply buy rugs to cover up the worst bits. Or, if you have the money take it up and replace it with laminate flooring. This is not as expensive to do as many people think. It will not take you long to get the job done and it not as difficult as you think. You can find out how to do it by clicking through to this easy to understand ‘how to’ article.

Improve storage

If your bedroom is starting to feel a bit untidy have a clear out. It is really hard to relax in a cluttered space. If, after you have done that, it still feels too messy

try to upgrade your storage. Often, this is as simple as buying some lidded plastic containers that can be slid under the bed so you are making better use of the space that is available.

Updating your child’s bedroom

All of the above ideas are perfect for updating your bedroom. If you want to give your child’s room a fresh new look, many of them will also work in there as well. Earlier this year we redecorated our daughter’s bedroom, I wrote a post which shows how we changed her room from a nursery to a toddlers room with lots of tips, so if you want some additional inspiration, you can find it here.

Sarah x

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