Making London Fun For The Whole Family

June 25, 2018

With all of its shopping, restaurants, nightlife, and high culture, you might think that London is purely an adult’s playground. However, you would be mistaken in that assumption. The truth is that the city really does have something for everyone and here we’re going to look at the fantastic family trip you can have, regardless of ages, interests, and how long you have to enjoy in the city. Hopefully, we find you at least one attraction that just about everyone can enjoy.

Step into an adventure

The theatre and London have a very close and historical relationship. Your kids might not be as interested in seeing a story from the Bard at the Globe. However, the West End does have fantastical musicals and plays that are certain to get their imaginations fired up. Whether you want to see something brand new or the favourite family-friendly show Aladdin, it’s safe to say that no trip to London is complete without a show. The many acting companies have a regularly rotating lineup of shows, as well as new productions every year, so you might even find that this starts a whole new lover of the theatre and a new family tradition that your kids will beg you to take them to time and time again.

Make it truly magical

Speaking of classics, it’s truly a testament to the power of magic that Harry Potter is still so beloved by kids. With new films like the Fantastic Beasts series and plenty of parents sharing their old beloved stories with a new generation, there are still plenty of young Potterheads and still plenty of attractions in London that are just perfect for them. From seeing the fabled Platform 9 & ¾ and the souvenir shop to exploring sets and props directly from the films at Universal Studios, there is enough to drive a true Hogwarts fan into a bit of a fervour. There’s no denying that plenty of the parents reading this will be just as excited as the kids, if not more, to see the classic brought to life.

All your kids’ fantasies in one place

If there’s any other place in London that is bound to make any grown-up feel like a kid again, its Harrods. The beloved toy shop is more than just a retail store, nowadays, it’s an institution. What’s more, it’s an experience all in its own right. The store still occasionally opens up brand new departments like the Toy Kingdom, which is as colourful and as varied as you might imagine. There are few better places to pick up a souvenir that your kids can take home with them but be sure to stay in control or you might find that toys start eating up your entire trip’s budget.

Friends from across the world

Toys aren’t the only things that can spark the imagination of children and adults alike. Zoos are always an easy choice for a family trip but it’s no exaggeration to say that the London Zoo easily eclipses any local enclosure in the rest of the UK. Besides having the largest and best-kept selection of animals, including lions, lemurs, tigers, gorillas and more, there is always something new happening at the zoo, too. Events like history tours, educational exhibitions, and more ensure that there’s more to do if your kids grow bored of simply looking at the animals. If they’re lucky, they might get to meet some of the guests up close and even help the keepers for a day.

Engage their curiosity

The zoo is an excellent opportunity to educate your kids a little more about the world around them. Kids are a naturally curious lot, but many a parent will have an experience of a museum visit rife with complaints. The Science Museum is a gallery with a bit of a difference. Here, the exhibitions are built to engage, not to be viewed from afar. Your kids can learn all about biology, physics, chemistry, the world, and the universe with a huge host of fully interactable attractions. It is the perfect place to see that curiosity of theirs rewarded and their interest in the sciences expanded. Who knows, you might even end up creating a future scientist within the family.

The best thing about London is that there is far too much to cover in any one post or see in any one trip. Every visit can offer something unique, so it’s always worth doing a little extra research of your own and even exploring a bit.

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