Half Term Ideas That Mummy And Daddy Will Enjoy Too!

May 30, 2018

Half term is upon us once again and that only means one thing…bored children and parents going out of their minds. The luxury of not having to get up and do the school run has likely worn off already, and you’re counting down the days until you get some peace again. Sound familiar? You’re not alone in this situation, and there are plenty of things that you could be doing with the kids so that not only can you save your sanity, but you can spend some quality time with your family too. Take a look at these half term ideas that Mummy and Daddy will enjoy too!

Have a movie day

Let’s face it, there’s nothing better than the idea of not having to get out of your pyjamas. So why not head out the day before and get some snacks, and a few cheap DVD’s and have a movie day with the family? Drag your duvets into the living room and spend the day eating your favourite drinks and watching some family friendly movies. It will also give you the chance to sit together as a family and have giggle!

Take the time to educate your children through fun

One thing that all parents want the ability to do, is to be able to educate their children and provide them with knowledge that will one day be used. Take a look at these ideas on ways that you could educate your children through fun:

  • Take a tour of your hometown and teach them about all of the townhouses and the history of the area. This will always come in use for school work and general knowledge of where they live.
  • Teach them to cook simple dishes such as beans on toast, or even something that they can warm up in the microwave. Too many young people these days leave home with no clue on how to cook. It’s always a useful skill to have.
  • Depending on how old your children are, teaching them to use the washing machine, tumble dryer and iron is also another great way of teaching valuable life skills.
  • Taking the time to sort through bedrooms and setting up systems around your home will teach your children the value of keeping their home clean, and help you out massively!
  • Teach them basics of looking after your car. Let them watch you change the oil, check the water level and also give it a good clean!


If there’s one thing that all babies, children, adolescents and adults love, it’s swimming. There’s nothing quite like diving down into a deep pool and letting the water take you away. It’s also another skill in life that’s extremely useful (and fun) to have. Take the children to a swimming pool and have fun watching them learn new skills, splashing each other, and generally having the time of your lives!


If you’re looking to take the children somewhere, and you want to give them a day to remember, then why not book a day out at Legoland? This is another perfect example of something that everyone loves, no matter what age you are. Take them on the rides and why not buy some more lego pieces to add to the collection! Another bonus of taking them to Legoland is that you’re coming home with inspiration and also extra pieces for yet another fun activity to do with the children!

Bake cookies

One of the more cliché ideas on the list, yet still such a family friendly activity. Also, who doesn’t like cookies? Grab the ingredients and let your children experiment with their culinary skills. Plus, this will pose some perfect opportunities for some insta worthy pictures!

Throw a party

If there’s one thing that children love, it’s to be around plenty of people. So why not take the chance this half term to throw a party for your friends, family, and why not let your children invite a few of their friends over too? It will give you the chance to mingle with some adults while the children play nicely. Perfect right?

Photo by Stephanie McCabe on Unsplash

Do some gardening

Obviously this all depends on the weather that you’re getting in your area, but why not take the chance to do some gardening with the kids? You could build a vegetable patch and let your children pick out their favourite fruit or vegetable to plant and look after. Alternatively, you could build a play area in your back garden for the children to enjoy while you sit and sun yourself. Get the kids involved in planting, weeding, painting, and generally any task where they can feel helpful!

Upcycle some furniture

While we’re on the subject of home or garden improvements, why not take that old crib and turn it into something that the whole family can use? Upcycling furniture is the most cost effective way of improving your home, and it involves using your creativity too! All you need is some paint, a saw, some screws and a screwdriver and you can easily create a brand new masterpiece for your home!

Go sightseeing

If you’re lucky enough to live in a scenic area of the world, then why not use that to your advantage? Give the children some disposable cameras and get them to take pictures of their favourite spots around your hometown. Get your hiking boots on and make the most of some fresh air for the whole family. Another idea would be to find a pretty spot and find someone to take a family photo of you all to add to the albums!

Go camping

It might be hard to book a trip away this late in the day, but when it comes to camping you can literally pack the car full and find a campsite for a cheap and easy trip away with the family! Camping is perfect for teaching your children about the great outdoors and being able to experience being so close to nature for a few nights. Plus, it will give you all the chance to take a break from watching TV and enjoy each other’s company!

Photo by Erol Ahmed on Unsplash

Take a long drive

Have some long distance family that you don’t see often? Or maybe it’s an especially nice day and you fancy going to the beach? Taking a long drive somewhere together as a family can be therapeutic and exciting at the same time. Why not build a playlist together so that while you’re driving along you can sing your hearts out? Something as simple as a drive somewhere can completely solve boredom and spark imagination. You could also pack them a camera each for your journey so that they can document and take photos of anything that particularly interests them!

Get crafting

If there’s one thing that all children love, it’s getting sticky and letting their imagination flow free. Why not buy them a crafting kit designed for children so that they can spend some time creating something for you, or even their bedrooms? Activities like crafting encourage the development of fine motor skills and also imaginative play. Crafting kits are fairly cheap from most stationary stores and can keep the children entertained for hours.

Play a sport

If you’re looking for something that’s going to get you all moving and most importantly, wear the kids out for bedtime, then why not head out to a nearby field with a ball, frisbee, and any other sporting equipment that you can find? Change up which sport you’re playing so that the kids don’t get bored of what you’re doing. It’s a great way of entertaining everyone (no matter of skill level) and also keeping yourselves fit and healthy.


As you can see, the half term doesn’t mean that you’re going to be stuck inside, as most of these ideas don’t require a lot of money to be spent either. Save your sanity and give the children a half term to remember by having a go at some (if not all) of these ideas. Remember to take as many photos as possible because times like these pass too quickly!

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