Toddler Life: 10 Things You Need in Your Car

May 17, 2018

Life with toddlers is never dull. With incredible imaginations, the urge to explore their world and a headstrong attitude, having a toddler certainly keeps you on your toes.

However, this can mean that a toddler’s needs change very quickly. So, whether you’re going around the corner, for a family day out, or just driving to the local park, when you have young children, you always need to be prepared.

To help you combat any issues before they arise, here are 10 things to always keep in the car.

Wipes and Tissues

For runny noses and sticky fingers, as well as spills or emergency toilet situations, it goes without saying that when you have a toddler, it’s always a good idea to keep plenty of wipes and tissues on hand.

Extra Clothes

As well as being prepared for any weather – we do live in the UK, after all! – it’s also a good idea to pack extra clothes in case of trips, stains or a change in the climate. Consider keeping socks, a spare outfit, extra shoes, a jacket, a hat and sunglasses in the boot.

Snack Boxes

While you may be able to last hours without food on a long car journey, your toddler needs feeding frequently. So, make sure you’re always ready with drinks and healthy snacks – you can find some great ideas here.

Activity Ideas

If you’ve ever had a car journey where you forgot to pack something to keep your toddler amused, you will know it can be difficult. To prevent this, keep a supply of activities in your car. This could include colouring books, a toy, teddy or a tablet.

Power Adapters

If you do decide to bring a tablet, there’s something you’ll need: a charger. To make sure it always has power, invest in an adapter. This will keep them entertained on the journey without the worry of the battery dying.

Outdoor Fun

As well as prepping for the journey, think about how they’ll get around when you arrive. If you’ll be walking, toddlers can quickly tire. Rather than pack their bike, which is bulky, put their SkateHut toddler scooter in the boot to keep them happy.

First Aid

Following on from outdoor fun, focussed on the world around them and often a little wobbly on their feet, your toddler may hurt themselves. Make sure you have a first aid kit on hand, with plasters and antiseptic cream, to heal any scrapes.

There you have it. An essential car packing list for life with a toddler. Do you take anything else with you?

*This is a collaborative post*

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