15 rainy day activities for toddlers

February 9, 2018

I don’t know about you but I always need inspiration for rainy day activities, especially now I have a three and one-year-old who both need entertaining.

I have pulled together some of my top ideas for rainy day activities, these are the things we do when we can’t get to the park…

  1. Raid the house for anything you can do crafts with. You don’t need to spend loads of money. A favourite activity at the moment is making ‘magic wands’ with the inside of a kitchen roll, painting it and then decorating it with either cut out paper or stickers
  2. Once you’ve made your magic wands you can then have a game of Ben and Holly – this can definitely burn a couple of hours!
  3. Take all the cushions off the sofa (hoover whilst you there) and make a homemade soft play!
  4. Bake. We love baking in our house, Amelie is quite capable of mixing and spooning mixture now so while she does that Evie and I do mixing with pasta or other textures.
  5. Get messy! If you can bear it, get out the old newspaper and let them get messy, there is nothing more fun than hand printing – you could even make a few birthday cards for friends and family whilst you’re there
  6. Duvet and film day. I genuinely don’t think there is anything wrong with having a ‘duvet day’ and sticking the TV on. The girls are usually so busy and engaged with activities I am absolutely fine with them watching TV on a really miserable day.
  7. Music time! Get all of those instruments they got for birthdays out and start a band. My two love singing and dancing.
  8. Go to the bookshelf. If your children are amazing like mine they’ll have a mountain of books, some of which never get looked at so get them all out and rediscover some favourites
  9. Create sensory boxes relevant for ages. There is something so fun about opening a box full of toys and objects that you can explore with little ones. If they both have one, there will be no arguments!
  10. Get them involved. My two love helping me so there is no harm doing some chores and getting them to try and help. Amelie loves putting everything in the washing machine and Evie loves to destroy piles of clothes! It means you can get a few things done and they can do it with you.
  11. Jigsaws and blocks! If you have one that would enjoy a jigsaw and another one that will destroy their work then set up the younger one with some duplo so they can build a tower whilst the older one builds their jigsaw up.
  12. Get crafty. We love to get all the crayons out and create big banners and cards when we can’t go outside. Even at one they can start to scribble.
  13. Get moving – put on some music and dance! When the girls are getting a bit bored I turn the music on in the kitchen and they love to dance with each other.
  14. Find balloons and play throw and catch. What child doesn’t love throwing and catching? Balls in the house can be a little dangerous, so for an alternative find some cheap balloons and let them play with those instead, it’ll also get them active!
  15. Have a tea party. We love tea parties here, not only do they take a while to set up, with all the play food, both of them can get involved. Invite their favourite soft toys and you can also encourage some imaginative play.

Hope these were helpful! What will you be trying?

Sarah xx

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