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How to take care of your home during the Christmas period

December 15, 2017

Christmas is the time for celebrating and for presents, but with the addition of expensive presents to households our houses can become targets for criminals.

There has been an increase in break ins recently where we live, one a little too close for comfort so I am consciously upping our security and not leaving anything on show.

After lots of reading and research these are my top tips for keeping your home safe and secure over the festive period.

Christmas presents

Leaving presents under the tree weeks before the big day and on show is asking for people to break in, make sure that any presents are kept out of sight until ideally the day before.

Ask neighbours to help if you’re away

Whenever we are away from the home we let two trusted neighbours know that we are away. We leave a key and ask them to put the bins out and away for us and move any post that might not have gone through the letter box.

Be safe, even in the daytime

A lot of the break in’s that have happened in our area recently have been day time break in’s, so if you leave the house in the daytime or go upstairs for a long period of time, lock up as you would do at night time.

Look at your security

Look at the security of your house, are the doors secure, do your windows have locks, have you got a light on a timer if you are away?

You could also consider Panasonic Home Security cameras or an alarm system to add to your security, especially when you are away from your home.

Also consider your lighting, do you have an external security light? Make sure you make your house as unattractive as possible to potential thieves.

Put valuables away

We all have lots of valuables these days, from laptops, to iPads to phones. In a family there might even be multiples of these so if you leave the house quickly, put them away out of sight.

How do you keep your home secure over the festive period?

Sarah x

*This is a collaborative post*

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