Making big life decisions 

There are lots of big life decisions; marriage, buying a house, deciding to have children. It’s the latter that’s led me to my own very recent big life changing decision – to take a career break.

I never really knew what I wanted to do when I ‘grew up’. I didn’t particularly enjoy school so after my A levels I decided working was the way forward for me. I joined a PR company and soon learnt that lots of my peers had either just graduated or were working there on one year placements from University. Suddenly University appealed to me; access to more education but with subjects that interested me and a years placement which could ultimately mean good job prospects. I was sold.

I loved my degree in Business and Marketing and realised I’d found my niche. For the first time ever I wasn’t middle of the class, I graduated with top marks in International Marketing and Small Business Management, I also had an amazing placement at a car manufacturer in Digital Marketing. I was hooked and suddenly I had drive and determination to do something with my career.

My first role as a digital media planner at a media agency opened my eyes to an amazing new digital world. This was in 2007 so nowhere near where we are now but marketing budgets were being spent in digital and the traditional landscape was changing.

After three years there I decided to branch out and become a Communications Planner and found a brilliant company which I worked at for seven years. I worked with so many amazing clients from telecoms, to cereals to toothpaste and learnt SO much. I worked hard, often into the early hours and put myself forward for new initiatives / new business pitches.

And then it changed

It was after the birth of Amelie and returning to work that things changed. It was harder to work late, I had a gorgeous girl to get home to. When she was poorly I found it agonising having to leave work and people in the lurch – but I knew she was the most important thing and needed to be there for her. The commute was hard, if the trains were delayed how would I get her? We have no Grandparents nearby so I was kind of stuck.

I felt guilty all the time. Guilt to my job and my team and guilt at home. 

It has been on this maternity leave that I have felt like I needed to make some changes.



Being a Mama to two has been hard work and I spent a lot of Evie’s early days wondering how I would juggle everything if I went back to work. It felt like an impossible task, so I started to think about what I could do instead; re-train to be a teacher – it’s something I have always wanted to do, set up my own business – but what? Find a marketing role in Surrey – but I didn’t want to work five days a week.

You can see the circles I was going in.

Surrey Mama

I went round these choices until something happened and that was this blog and my Instagram page. My sister encouraged me to start my Instagram back in late December 2016 and I thought ‘I might as well’, my blog followed soon after and then my YouTube channel. Suddenly something clicked – this is what I LOVE doing and it actually felt like that THING I have always searched for but never found.

I wanted and want Surrey Mama to be a friend to other Mum’s going through the journey I am going on. If I can help one person with a blog post then I have achieved something – I know for one I love finding a post that helps me on my parenting journey so I aim to do that with everything I post. 

I’m not sure this will pay my bills and it certainly isn’t paying me anything at the moment so my blogging career as a SAHM might be short lived but for now this is what I am going to do because I love it.


I wrote a blog post a little while ago about putting myself out there into this crazy world of blogging and how although it’s been scary at times its also been amazing.

So as I am a newbie and I’ve thrown myself into quite a lot recently I thought I may as well enter myself into the BIB’s (Britmums) awards for the ‘fresh voice’ of 2017. If you are enjoying Surrey Mama then I would love for you to support me in these awards. It only takes a few minutes and the link to vote is here. BIBS 2017 thank you!

(If you do vote for me here’s some info to make it even quicker for you)

Blog name – Surrey mama

Blog URL –

Bloggers twitter / IG id – @surrey_mama

Bloggers email –

Here’s to lots of life changing decisions, big steps and changes in direction! It’s certainly been an interesting few months, I’m excited to see what the next few months hold.

Sarah x



Mummy in a Tutu

14 thoughts on “Making big life decisions 

  1. mommyhomemanager says:

    Love your story. Having a baby changes so many things about us that we never would have imagined. I would love to join you someday.
    Let me know how we can help each other. 🙂
    Have a great week.

    Liked by 1 person

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