Our trip to Carter’s Steam Fair

Carters Steam Fair is a vintage travelling funfair and this bank holiday weekend they have been at Hersham Green.

The fair consists of all vintage equipment and when you look closely really is beautiful and full of history. Amelie loved looking at all of the vintage lorries as we were waiting for it to open. 

Carter’s are believed to be the largest vintage travelling fair in the world – so we are very lucky to have it here in Surrey for the weekend!

Here are some of the rides Carter’s have at the fair this weekend…



Toddler heaven

The girls were in toddler heaven. There were lots of things to look at, rides slow/small enough for them and balloons! The girls especially loved the train ride, the vintage cars and driving your own aeroplane!



There was also vintage inspired food stalls, slot machines, dodgems and amusements. 


We loved the steam fair, it had a really nice family friendly atmosphere and all the staff were really chatty and helpful. 

There was something for all ages and Amelie and her cousin absolutely loved all the rides, even if they were just looking at them.

We were there just before it opened so it was quite nice to have a look around before the crowds came, it also meant we could be the first ones on the rides without a wait – which with two toddlers and a baby was brilliant!

A Tip…

Take cash with you for the tokens and for a balloon if you are soft like me and always end up buying balloons for your little ones!

All in all we would definitely recommend a visit if it comes near you. You can find out where Carter’s will be next on their website.

Sarah x

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