The things I said before I had kids…

You know before you had kids, you had this perfect image of what an amazing brood you’d have who’d behave beautifully when out, would always look presentable, would never cry or scream when on a plane, train etc… well I had these ‘visions’ but of course real life parenting and living with two under three means what what I thought is not often the case now (and frankly some of the things I thought were maybe a little ridiculous)!

Here are 10 crazy things I thought and said before I had children…

  1. They shouldn’t be in a coffee shop/restaurant if they can’t control their children or keep them quiet (sorry but I definitely thought that, NAIVE)!! Well let me tell you now there have been times when I am SO sleep deprived and in need of a coffee where I am not sat in a freezing park that I have been in a coffee shop. Amelie has definitely made noise, has been running around and probably (definitely) annoyed people.
  2. My children won’t watch a phone / iPAD when out or ever. hahahaha what was I thinking? Amelie and Evie don’t watch loads of things but there are times when the iPad has been an absolute life saver for diverting a tantrum on a plane, when we’ve been stuck on miles of motorway traffic or one of them decided to wake and not go back to sleep at 4am. I take it all back.
  3. When they nap I’ll rest. Whoever started this wasn’t ever a Mummy of a child that NEVER slept! When Amelie finally did sleep, after hours of screaming, the last thing on my mind was rest it was tackling the roof high washing pile or eating.
  4. I’ll have a water birth with no pain relief and whatever happens I’ll never have a csection.Β Two c-sections later I feel a little silly.
  5. I’ll never buy them expensive shoes/clothes as they’ll grow out of them straight away. It seemed such a good idea, but at 2am, when you’re browsing Instagram to stay awake on a night feed these amazing things that look so beautiful seem like such a good idea. Amelie’s pink Ugg boots – worn once, do I know where they are now, nope!!
  6. Β They’ll eat what I cook and I’ll never make anything else. Amelie hardly eats, I find it really stressful but am trying to go with the flow a bit more. I cook her lots of nice food but sometimes it doesn’t get eaten, have I then cooked something else to make sure she doesn’t go hungry! Yes!!!
  7. I won’t let my house become overrun with toys. Unfortunately our house looks like a plastic rainbow explosion most days. The girls have SO many toys!
  8. Why doesn’t she pick her child up? She’s crying. I’ve learnt now that sometimes you can’t always pick them up, you need to get home and nothing will do at that point in time, or they’re having a whinge before going to sleep. I didn’t really understand this before I had children and as you grow and learn it becomes easier to read them and respond.
  9. They’ll only have fruit as snacks. Oh the things I said. Amelie hates fruit, I really try but she just doesn’t like it. She loves veg though so I load her up on that at meal times and unfortunately the fruit will have to go a miss for now and other snacks have to do.
  10. Whatever happens I’ll still look good and always have my hair done/make up on. There are some days when a shower is a challenge. I’ll leave that one there.

What things did you say before you had children that you now do?

Sarah xx

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35 thoughts on “The things I said before I had kids…

  1. Angela Watling says:

    I definitely thought the same about TV and toys. My daughter doesn’t watch loads but it’s definitely a good way to keep her quiet when cooking. As for the toys, I think you’ve said it for all of us… #MarvMondays

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  2. Megan Bidmead (@whispertoroar) says:

    I said so many silly things before I had kids … my fave being ‘I’m definitely doing controlled crying with my kids’. Turns out we are both massive softies and also, my daughter has asthma and would hyperventilate if we left her to cry even for a few minutes at a time! She learnt to self settle eventually. Lol. It was a good idea in theory … #coolmumclub

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  3. Wendy says:

    I think I thought/said all of 5hese things before I became a mum too. I was adamant my future children would never watch TV or eat sweet 3 year olds favourite activity is cuddling up on the sofa with a film and some chocolate- oops! I think we all picture life with kids to be some5hing completely different to the reality. Fab post, thanks for linking to #BlogCrush xx

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  4. justsayingmum says:

    ha ha ha – oh I giggled my way through this – so so true! All of it. Think I thought all the same too. You’ll be relieved to know that I have failed with all my parenting dreams – all of them! All the mum guilt on a daily basis over here xx #CoolMumClub

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  5. tammymum says:

    Pahahaha oooh yes my idealistic mothering dream has been well and truly shattered. Mine are on the iPad as we speak. I think a biggy for me was food, theyvwonr eat crap, they won’t over do the chocolate lots of veg. Well what a fool. Have you tried getting brocollin into a toddler?! Well then and I more often than I care to admit use chocolate as a bribe. That’s a double whammy there isn’t it. #fail. Thanks for joining us at #familyfun

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  6. Mom Of Two Little Girls says:

    My children will never have a dummy!!! How silly. Night two after we were home from the hospital and for the next 3&1/2 years I never looked back.
    What did we know!

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  7. Louise says:

    Oh yes I can definitely relate to these. Most of these went through my head before having children and then I learned what parenthood was really like! The iPad is a lifesaver at times! #coolmumclub

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  8. crummymummy1 says:

    I always used to say I’d never have children with crusty, snotty noses. What I didn’t realise is that it’s impossible to keep their noses clean all the time! #familyfunlinky


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