The Siblings Project April 

This month has gone really quickly.

We’ve started giving Evie solids, which so far is going well. It’s been lovely to start having family dinners together and Evie is so interested in what Amelie is eating / what she does with food.

Amelie has had four weeks of Easter holidays (which we have a week left of) so there has been more sibling time than normal which although full on for me has been wonderful at the same time. I’ve noticed so many more moments between them.

The biggest smiles, giggles and all the cuddles.

The biggest grins and giggles from Evie are definitely reserved for Amelie. Amelie has this thing where she fake laughs at Evie and it has them in fits of giggles!

As always there are lots of cuddles. Cuddles where I now think Evie will squash Amelie!



Her sister’s helper and family meal times

It is SO nice to have them both sit down at the table for dinner. I think Amelie is eating better as she has company (other than me) and they both love sharing vegetables and I’m finding this a great way for Evie to start having some finger foods.


Amelie loves to help with every task and she really likes to help me with Evie. She always insists on helping me feed her, helping me give her water and taking things to her. It’s really sweet and something I didn’t expect a toddler to want to do so much.


The way Evie looks at her

The way Evie looks at Amelie is adorable. She looks at her in awe, like she’s thinking ‘what is this amazing little person doing now’! When she talks to her, watches her on the scooter – anything. She loves watching her big sister…


The start of things to come?

This picture makes me laugh so much as it definitely shows how siblings can sometimes be with each other. They were being so loving and then out of nowhere Amelie starting liking Evie – odd.


Based on the last month I now really think I’m going to have my hands full with these two as they grow up. They can be really cheeky together already!


That’s us for April. See you next month, let’s see what they’re doing then!

Sarah xx


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