The Medicine Garden, #SurreyMamaAdventures

We went to the Medicine Gardens in Cobham, Surrey on Thursday. The Medicine Garden is a Victorian walled garden with lots for everyone. There are two places to eat, lots of places to relax, treatment rooms for pampering, shops and classes. For the children, there are the gorgeous gardens, a big climbing frame and a sandpit. They also tend to like the giant deckchairs!

When we first went to the Medicine Gardens I didn’t realise how much else there was on offer other than the gardens, if you’re worried about keeping little ones amused don’t be!

Here are some highlights…

This is the main area of the Medicine Gardens with the cafe at the end and the children’s climbing frame and sandpit on the left. Amelie loved running through the grounds and looking at all the flowers.


There is a lovely decked area by the cafe for you to use and it’s within good distance of the play area so children are in view at all times, perfect!


They also have a cafe which does the most amazing cooked breakfasts! We didn’t go today but we’ve been as a family before on a Sunday, it’s well worth a visit! 


There is a row of shops, a treatment room and I noticed they were doing some children’s cookery lessons today. It’s well worth looking at their website in the holidays for activities as they seem to have a lot on in the Spring/Summer months. 



We had a lovely morning out. It was the perfect sunny day activity and a great place to meet up with friends. It is also free, so we just spent money on a coffee, which if you know that you won’t be there for long (as often is the case with two little ones) is fab! It’s really close to Cobham if you also wanted to tie in a trip to see the village or nip to the shops so it’s definitely worth a visit if you are in Surrey.



4 thoughts on “The Medicine Garden, #SurreyMamaAdventures

  1. tammymum says:

    Ah wow it sounds and looks lovely. You had a lovely day for it too. Treatment rooms sound lovely lol, not thatvid ever get chance to go in one! Nice bonus that it is all free as well. I wish we had more things like that by me. Thanks for joining us at #familyfun

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