What the girls wore this week #3

We’ve had a bit of a quiet week this week due to illness so we’re a little lighter on what the girls wore this week (Amelie spent most of the week in pj’s) but here are some of my favourites from Evie…

Dress: Baby Joules Leggings: Baby Joules 

We love this baby Joules outfit and with the sun shining today it felt like the perfect ‘Spring’ outfit (it’s seriously cold out there though)!

I love Joules outfits as prints often clash but look so good together at the same time.

Cardigan: Mama’s and Papa’s

We love this little cardigan from Mama’s and Papa’s. It has a beautiful flower Liberty’s print on the detailing and the bow is just adorable. It’s perfect for dressing up a dress on a cold day and Evie loved wearing it to a family party we went to at the weekend.

Dress: H&M

I love Denim on the girls and this little dress from H&M looks so cute on Evie (even if she kicks so much it always rides up)!!

H&M always do such lovely pieces that don’t cost the earth so I love finding these little gems.

Sarah xx

This Mama Life

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