Evie’s 3 Month Update

This is the first of Evie’s monthly updates. We have seen Evie develop so much this month, 3 months seems to be the month where they become less like newborns and more like babies who are much more aware and interested in the World around them.


Now you can

You make so many more sounds now, there are lots of gurgles and sometimes it sounds as though you can say ‘mama’ but I’m pretty sure you’re not.
You’re starting to grab things now, you grab the toys on the bouncer and the toys on your play mat – you especially like rings. You can’t quire hold something sitting up yet though, maybe next month.
You can also now sleep through the night!! You like to be in bed and asleep by 7pm or you’re really grumpy and generally you’re now sleeping until 5 or 6am.
Your favourite toys are
You love any Lamaze toys and between your ones and Amelie’s hand me downs we have so many of these. You also love the Vtech little cow you got for Christmas and BeatBo! I know all the words to these toys songs now.
You like to
Watch everything we all do! You are very inquisitive and love to either sit in your bouncer or on someone to see exactly what’s going on.
Bath time is a favourite, you love cuddles with us before your bath and then looking at all the brightly coloured toys.
You love to gurgle and chat (like your Mummy)! We always have chats when – you mimic what noises I make which is so adorable.
What we have done 
We’ve been to the sensory room with some of your baby friends, you were so intrigued with all of the toys, especially the lights and the fish tank.
We’ve made the trip down to Dorset to see your Grandparents with lots of (very cold) walks by the sea.
Mummy x

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