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    Would a cruising holiday suit a family?

    I have often wondered whether a cruise would suit a family and in our instance a young family. Something about a cruise really appeals to me, the exploration, all the facilities in one place…

    April 27, 2018
  • Reviews Travel

    Our family day out at Godstone Farm

    There are three things I can guarantee when you take your children to Godstone Farm 1) they will not be bored 2) they will be absolutely exhausted (which is great for naps) 3) you…

    April 25, 2018
  • Travel

    Travelling with contact lenses

    I am a contact lens wearer and as such, I always need to prepare when I go travelling, as there isn’t always everything available overseas for my lenses.  I want to be able to…

    April 24, 2018
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    Where we’d love to travel this year…

    Where would we most like to travel to this year? This is probably the most difficult question to ask someone who loves to travel! The very short answer would be the World!…

    March 7, 2018
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    What makes our family holidays unforgettable?

    Travel is a big part of our family life, whether it’s finding new places in the UK or trying to find hidden gems abroad. It’s what we all look forward to, it’s ‘that thing’…

    February 15, 2018
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    Family holidays in Tenerife

    Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands which are tipped to be one of the best European destinations for a family holiday. With year-round sunshine, beautiful beaches and a short flight (perfect with…

    February 9, 2018