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AD \ 10 ways to update your hall

November 22, 2020

Your hall is the first thing that visitors see when they enter your home and although it isn’t a ‘room’ as such you can still make a statement, have clever storage and make it look beautiful as well as being practical. Here are some ways to update your hall…

Expand space with mirrors

Adding a mirror or mirrors is an easy way to bounce light around a room or corridor in this case and can make the room appear larger than it is. Try adding a mirror above a thin console table to add interest to the hall, it will also give you some storage space!

Add a rug

If you have a long corridor as your hallway, why not try adding a runner rug to add some interest.

Create a gallery wall

Why not add all of your family portraits, photos, memories and artwork in your hall? This is a simple solution to give the entrance to your home a personal touch. Choosing coordinating frames in a single colour creates a cohesive look and can be a real statement.

If you have a light colour on your walls try black frames or if you have darker walls, white frames would look beautiful.

Add hooks

If you have multiple people in your household you’ll need all the storage solutions you can get. Adding lots of hooks not only adds storage solutions but can look good too.

Be clever with storage

If you have space underneath your stairs why not use it? Add pull out storage for shoes, coats and bags to keep your entrance clutter free.

You could also use the space to create a huge storage cupboard to store all of your bulky items like ironing boards and vacuum cleaners.

Make space for the kids

When children start school its the start of the clutter; book bags, numerous jumpers, shoes and lunchboxes fill hallways and it can become disorganised pretty quickly. Why not add a named peg or one with a photograph of them so all of their school possessions can stay together, not only will it tidy the mess, it’ll make getting out of the house in the morning easier and quicker!

Update your staircase

Your staircase can become a focal point of your home with the right design. (AD) Staircases don’t have to be boring, you can have a traditional staircase such as timber or painted one, or you could look at a glass or one with metal spindles.

There are companies that can measure, supply and fit your staircase to create a stunning feature in your hall.

Be bold with your walls

Ditch the white and add some colour to create real interest in your hall. Why not look at bold wallpapers to add colour or paint your hall in two tones with a bold colour at the bottom of your wall and a lighter colour at the top.

Add panelling

Panelling can add texture and architectural interest to what might otherwise be a boring space. It can bring a totally different look to your room and would look striking in a bold colour, such a dark blue or green.

Light up your space

Hallways can be dark places so find a show-stopping pendant light to bring light and energy to your home.

How would you update your hall? Would you use one of these ideas?



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