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Transforming our home with Just Shutters Surrey | AD

February 6, 2020

*Advertisement – we paid a discounted rate for our shutters*

One of the parts of our house we’ve never really put much thought into has been our window treatments. Through lack of time and budget when we first moved into our home five years ago we’ve kept most of the front of the house the same and haven’t done anything.

Recently a few things have been really starting to annoy me. The blinds in our lounge had broken and were stuck halfway up the window and as such made cleaning the windows and letting light in difficult. The curtains were something that were supposed to be a make-do for a few months when we moved and as such weren’t long enough to stretch the entire window. We also found privacy a bit of an issue in the evenings so were keen to do something about it!

Our bedroom, at the front of the house, had long, floor-length curtains which were really heavy and almost swamped that part of our room. They did a good job at keeping the cold and light out but they weren’t a feature I loved.

Something I’ve always dreamed of having on our front windows are shutters. I’ve always thought they look amazing from the outside of houses and on reading up about them they can also block out the light, are easy to clean and should last.

We decided, after talking to Just Shutters recently to upgrade our front windows to plantation shutters and I am so pleased we did!
Simon and Georgina Broadhurst own Just Shutters in Surrey and are a husband and wife team with an eye for design and passion for transforming the properties of Surrey. I met Georgina when she came to show me the shutters and measure the windows for our initial quote. She was knowledgeable about the product and advised me on what she thought would best suit our property.

Shutters are definitely an investment to a home and Georgina explained the benefits to me. Firstly they look beautiful on most homes and can be tailored to your home through colour and size of louvers. The other benefits are that they do not fade, they do not warp, or wear with age unlike other options for windows. They also offer a child-safe option, light control, can add value to your home, increase privacy and security, offer noise and allergen reduction and finally are a low maintenance (no laundering needed) option.

After looking at all the styles of shutters we decided we loved the bigger style Louver shutters, in a brilliant white with the opening mechanism on the side (rather than in the middle). We decided to have them on all of our front windows (lounge, our bedroom, and the nursery). In the nursery, we also decided to add blackout blinds due to the sun and a new baby who will be having daytime naps in there!

A few weeks after ordering our shutters we were excited to see them being installed.

The Just Shutters team does everything on the day from moving furniture to taking down existing blinds or curtains.

The first room to have the transformation was the nursery.

The nursery before

This room was decorated a few weeks before the shutters went in ready for the arrival of our little boy and I was so excited to get the blackout shutters in. Those that have little ones will know that there is often a battle for them to take a daytime nap, especially in the summer and as this room is a very sunny room in the afternoon the option of a blackout blind installed within the shutters was a huge plus point for us.

Once the shutters were in I was amazed at how good they looked but also how dark the room is (it’s pitch black)! The shutters block out every bit of light so I’m really hoping that not only have we got a beautiful room we’ll have a baby that naps and doesn’t get woken by summer morning light!!

The blackout blind

You can also see a full nursery room tour in the blog post here

The next room to be transformed was our lounge. I have never been so happy to see blinds taken down as I was to say goodbye to the broken brown blinds!

The lounge before

The team assembled the shutters and here’s how they look…

Finally, our bedroom. Again I was so pleased to see the heavy curtains go and as they came down I was amazed at the light and space generated in our room.

With the shutters up it looked even better, with more space and light I feel in love with our room again.

A few weeks on from having the shutters installed I am really impressed. The blackout blinds in the nursery are amazing and I find our bedroom ones block out a significant amount of light even without a blackout option, perfect for us to sleep with. The lounge shutters are perfect for our privacy needs and I love opening them up on sunny afternoons and seeing light stream in.

I’m so glad we decided to use Just Shutters Surrey rather than do it ourselves. The window in our bedroom was a complicated fit due to the bay window and ceilings not being straight so the team quickly and easily adjusted the fit, something we couldn’t have done ourselves. The workmanship and care to our home was of top standard and I just can’t believe how different our home looks.

Sarah x

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