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October 7, 2019

The girls have been swimming with Puddle Ducks for a few terms now and I wanted to write a little update on their progress. 

When the girls started swimming lessons they started in Little Dippers (Amelie) and Kickers (Evie). Amelie was very nervous of water and clung to me and Evie had no fear – she didn’t want to be held and just wanted to swim on her own! 

The lessons had different challenges and objectives for the girls – Amelie to become more confident in the water and ultimately move into Swim Academy 1, which is a class where they swim without parents and Evie to have a little bit more respect for the water and to start learning some basics. 

They have both absolutely thrived in their lessons. Puddle Ducks have such wonderful teachers who put children at ease as soon as they are at the side of the pool, have strategies to help children like Evie who need a bit more help and importantly make the lessons fun with lots of water safety built into activities.

Over the last couple of months, the girls have both progressed into the next stage of classes (Amelie Swim academy 1 and Evie Little Dippers) and it’s now I am starting to see such progress from both.

Amelie’s Swim Academy class is fairly small with two teachers and it has meant that even though in her first lesson where we had lots of tears about going in the water without me by lesson 3 she was confident and happy with going in alone. The teachers in Amelie’s class are wonderful, they encourage but don’t push her and are always quick to praise the children when they have achieved something! This strategy has really worked with Amelie and I can’t believe that 6 months ago she’d cling to me in the water whereas now when we go swimming she pushes off the side and doesn’t look back!

I thought this diagram from the Puddle Ducks website was a really good way to show the journey Amelie will now go on with Swim Academy. I can’t wait to see her progress…

Evie has also progressed into the Little Dippers class and being the youngest has been great for her as she is trying to do everything the older children are!

The Little Dippers class is really helping Evie become more confident and happy in the water with me (at first she wanted me to let her go so she could swim alone, which obviously she couldn’t)!

The pool is warm which is perfect for younger children and there are never more than ten children in a class so it feels really personal and you can always ask questions! Evie really loves the songs that are used in classes and it helps keep her engaged!

At the moment Evie is learning how to swim with the aid of a woggle (and me) both on her front and back, she’s learning how to jump in and importantly there are lots of special lessons like PJ week where children are taught the importance of water safety, including personal survival.

The change in the girl’s confidence around water and the way they act isn’t something that has happened overnight and I don’t think that they would have had the same progress with me trying to teach them whenever we manage to go swimming. The Puddle Ducks classes are such an important part of their growing up and I love watching how much they enjoy and thrive in their classes!

Amelie’s aim now is to beat me at a swimming race and Evie’s is to jump as high as she can, so let’s see when that happens!

We swim with Puddle Ducks at Whiteley Village, for more information and the timetable click here

Sarah x

*We are gifted lessons in exchange for reviews and social media coverage*

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