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October 2, 2019

Vampirina is a series we discovered when we were on holiday a year or so ago and it really captured our eldest daughters imagination – the theme tune is also pretty catchy for adults as well!

We were thrilled to be invited to a screening of the NEW Vampirina Fang-Tastic Party theatrical special recently. Amelie has really started to love films and longer television programmes, so I knew she would enjoy this.

We arrived at the cinema in London excited to see the new episodes and were thrilled to find we were able to meet Vampirina herself before the screening! Amelie had a little chat to her and although cuddled to me was all smiles meeting the character she usually sees on the screen.

Before long it was time to go and watch Vampirina Fang-Tastic Party. If you haven’t watched Vampirina before it’s an animated series following The Hauntley family who moved from their home in Transylvania to Pennsylvania to open a business; a bed and breakfast for visiting ghouls and ghosts! The Hauntley family are friendly vampires who are settling into the community with human neighbours and school friends. Vampirina has to learn how to how to look past other’s differences and understand what makes everyone unique alongside her friends Poppy and Bridget. 

The Vampirina Fang-Tastic Party interactive theatrical special brings five never-before-seen episodes of Vampirina to the big screen with a few added extras! Amelie really enjoyed the first episode which was based on some of the characters becoming pixies. She loves reading books about fairies and pixies, they’re always a favourite bedtime choice so I could see her imagination going wild. The other episodes were equally as good with lots of music and storylines that she followed (and asked lots of questions about afterwards). I also really enjoyed all the episodes which always makes family cinema trips more enjoyable!

I was really impressed to see lots of interactive elements; in between episodes Vampirina encouraged the younger members of the audience (and their parents) to jump up and dance, play games and participate in sing-a-longs! Although Amelie didn’t jump up to dance, she was trying from her seat and lots of the other children were getting involved.

We both really enjoyed Vampirina Fang-Tastic Party and would definitely watch it again, especially the pixie episode!

Amelie is now, even more, Vampirina obsessed and has been dressing up as her favourite friendly vampire and singing the songs!

Vampirina Fang-Tastic Party is out in cinemas around the country on the 5th & 6th October. To Pre-order tickets click here. You can also watch Vampirina the series on Disney Junior.

Have you watched Vampirina before?

Sarah x

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