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July 10, 2019

Sometimes being a Mum can feel a bit like being a free taxi service. Between drop-offs at school and swimming, and pick-ups at ballet and play dates, most parents spend a lot of time with their children in the car. Making the car a fun, practical place for the family will make all that driving around much easier and more enjoyable. Here are some easy car hacks for amusement, snacks and storage. 


Do your kids demand a snack as soon as you’ve picked them up? Being prepared for the demand saves you making a trip to the shop, and allows you to make sure the kids are having healthy treats. Keep a basket in the back of the car loaded with healthy snacks that can be stored out of the fridge, like dried fruit. You could also store some bottles of water in the basket too. 


If you’re low on space, a plastic box designed for storing fishing tackle is ideal for loading with up small amounts of snacks, like nuts, raisins and popcorn. The plastic pots from the inside of Easter Eggs are also great for single serving snacks. They’re easy to keep in the car and keep portions under control. 



For longer trips, keeping the kids entertained can be tricky. If you’re giving them activities to keep busy in the back of the car on long trips, why not give the kids a lap tray? Lap trays designed for dinner with bean bags cushions attached are ideal to use in the car. Pop one in the kids’ laps and they can use it to lean on to draw, colour or rest their snacks on. 


For an added element of fun that will help your kids find the car parked outside school, why not think about getting a personalised number plate in the family name from


Make a small colouring case out of a DVD case. Line one side of the inside with paper, and line colouring pencils into the other for an easy, transportable toy. 



Kids cart round a lot of stuff. Give them somewhere to keep their belongings under control when they’re in the car. A shoe storage hanger with pockets can be hung over the back of the front seats. The kids can use the pockets to store toys, drinks bottles and whatever else they need in the car, without taking over the entire back seat. 


Tupperware tubs can be used to keep small items like crayons together, to prevent them getting lost under the seats. Line cup holders with silicone cupcake moulds to keep them clean and to convert them into a holder for loose change and other small bits. 


To keep rubbish under control, line a plastic cereal dispenser with a plastic bag, and keep it in the car as a small bin. You can clip the lid shut in between use to stop rubbish ending up all over the car. 


Put a tension rod across the boot for makeshift hanging space to keep kids spare jackets and bags under control.

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