Finding The Finances For More Summer Family Fun AD

July 1, 2019

I don’t know about your brood, but mine sure love a good day out, or even a stay away from home as well. Of course, such things cost money, and so to be able to say yes to as many opportunities for fun as we can, it is sometimes necessary to be frugal with the finances. A topic you can get some hints on in my post below. 



If you can get stuff for free, then more power to you. Of course, if you can, it means you have to spend less out of your own pocket allowing you to save your cash for the more important things in life, like fun experiences with your family! 


There has never been a better time to get into a position where businesses offer you freebies either, especially if you have a penchant for blogging, vlogging, and sharing your story with others. 


Of course, I’m not saying that getting your blog to a position where you have enough follows to command the best freebies is easy, but it certainly is possible, if you put the work in. 


Savvy shopping.


Next, if you are looking to save money that can be put towards fun family days out and trips away, it can really pay off to be savvy when you shop. 


In particular, it is wise to keep a list of the bigger ticket items that you need, and then wait until its sale season to purchase them. Something that means you can often get exactly what you want for a massively reduced price. 


In fact, if you can hold off until the boxing day offers to come out, or the summer sales are on, you can treat yourself and your family to good quality of name brand items guilt-free. All while still having enough left over to pay for trips out too!


Supermarkets aren’t just for food. 


When it comes to saving money for family days out and holidays, don’t forget that some of the best places to grab a bargain these days are the supermarket. I’m not just talking about tins of soup or fresh vegetable here either. In fact, supermarkets are no longer just for food, but for homewares and clothes as well. 


To that end, next time you are looking for some on-trend holidays outfits that won’t break the bank, or you need a new dinner service, why not give the aisles of your local supermarket a try first? The reason being they often have items that can only be sourced in store, and that are priced very low as well. 


Buy preloved. 


Preloved items are another savvy way that you can save money for the things in life that really matter. In fact, this is maybe the best way to buy things like kid’s clothes there is. 


The reason being that you can get some pieces of excellent quality and condition for a fraction of the original cost. Something that means you will have plenty of money left over to fund for things trips out, holidays and any other kind of family fun you want to try this summer! 

*This is a collaborative post*

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