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[AD] How To Survive The Post-Holiday Blues This Summer

June 11, 2019

Summer’s coming, and it’s so exciting, you’re probably shopping now for your new holiday wardrobe, the kids are non-stop talking about your family holiday, and you can’t think about much else until you get back. The only problem is with a fantastic summer holiday is when you get back, and you have a year to wait until your next one. So, what can you do to get through the holiday blues once you get back?

Book Another Holiday

This is an obvious one, but if you start looking for your next holiday, it gives you something to work toward. Don’t wish the year away though and focus on next summer, book yourself a lovely weekend away for a couple of weeks or month’s time, even if it’s something quite local or just start thinking about the next half term, it won’t be long before those kids need entertaining again.

Plan For The Year Ahead

You’ve probably spent months thinking about this holiday so no wonder you’re feeling down about it once it’s all over. So get your diary or calendar out and have a look at what else you’ve got coming up. Remember there are only 52 weeks in a year and only 12 months so that will go quickly and you need to make the most of it. You’ll probably have more occasions coming up than you realize from birthdays, weddings and christenings, so these are things you can look forward to and even make weekends out of if they’re far away.

Try To Continue The Holiday At Home

If you and your partner had a fantastic time on holiday, why does that have to stop when you get back? Keep the magic alive and make an effort to keep the closeness and the fun you had together. If you went to Spain, for example then carry on eating Spanish food and wine when you get back, try out new recipes and get excited about them. Eat things you tried on holiday and even eat as you did on holiday, for example, if it was little bits of tapas outside then continue to do that. Go through your holiday snaps and print your favourites out and get them in picture frames straight away otherwise they’ll be left on the computer forever.

Embrace The Sunshine At Home

Like you need to be told to do this, once there’s even a glimpse of sunshine the barbecues sell out, and everyone’s got their shorts on. But if you are someone who needs to be encouraged to get outside then try to remember how good it feels to be out in the sun, to get some vitamin D, to wear your flip flops or cute new sandals and those beautiful summer dresses. It puts you in a good mood straight away, so embrace it and get outside. Make the most of beer gardens, parks, outdoor pools, and going for walks. Also enjoy your garden by sitting outside in the evenings, encouraging your kids to play outside during the day, having water fights and playing other outdoor games. Enjoy days out at the beach, even if it takes a couple of hours to travel then make a day of it, pack a picnic and load up a car with buckets and spades, towels and a windbreak and head off to the seaside.

Enjoy Relaxing

Remember that you don’t have to be busy and planning and even enjoying yourself all the time. Enjoy the quiet time, enjoy having nothing going on and just sitting and chilling at home reading a book or catching up on TV. Sometimes you go on holiday and then need a holiday when you come back, so if this is the case, make sure you take it easy when you get back.

Get Some Me-Time

Book yourself some pampering sessions, get your nails done, or a massage, and have some time for yourself. Think about what else you enjoy doing and make some time to do it, whether it’s a hobby or a sport or you just like going to watch movies at the cinema.

Holidays are a great time to get away and reflect on what’s going on in your everyday life. While you’re away, and you think of things you want to change when you get back to it, stick to it and make that the new thing to focus on once the holiday is over – if you do that you won’t even have time for holiday blues.

*This is a collaborative post*

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