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Simple Changes That Help Keep Your Home Cleaner For Longer

May 17, 2019

Let’s face it, cleaning the house is nobody’s favourite job. It is an important job though because if your house isn’t clean then you’ve got bacteria living all over the place and that will make it more likely for you and your family to get sick. It can also have an impact on your mood because a dirty house isn’t a pleasant and relaxing environment to be in. You don’t exactly want guests coming round when the house is dirty either, so you can’t avoid it, you’re going to have to clean regularly. But you probably don’t need to clean as often as you are now and it shouldn’t take as long. If you make some simple changes around the house, you can make it easier to clean and make sure that it stays clean for longer, so you can spend your time doing more exciting things instead of cleaning all of the time. These are the simple changes that will help keep your house cleaner for longer.

Get Rid Of Carpets


Carpets are great at picking up dust and bacteria and keeping it trapped inside the fibers. If you want your home to be clean, it’s important that you vacuum them on a regular basis, which can be quite time consuming. However, if you take up the carpets and replace them with wooden flooring from a company like Empire Laminate flooring, you’ll find it so much easier to keep it clean. You won’t have to worry about all of that dust and dirt that is trapped deep in the carpet, a quick once over with the vacuum will clear up any dust immediately or you could even just give it a quick sweep. You don’t have to worry about stains either, which is a big bonus when you’ve got kids in the house.


Use Rugs


Getting rid of the carpets in every room isn’t necessary because it is nice to have carpets in spaces like the living room, but you can make cleaning easier for yourself with a few well placed rugs. If you put a rug over the high traffic areas of the carpet, it’s a lot easier to just vacuum them when they need it and you can even just take them up and wash them when they get particularly dirty.


Increase Storage Space


Cleaning around things takes a lot longer so if you’ve got clutter lying around everywhere, you’ll find it a lot harder to keep the house clean. That’s why you need to increase storage, especially in certain areas of the house. When you’re designing your kitchen, for example, make sure that you’ve got plenty of cabinet space. If you have a lot of things sitting on the worktops, they’ll collect dust and dirt behind and underneath them, but it’s so much quicker to just wipe down the surfaces when they’re free from clutter. Any areas where the kids are playing need plenty of storage for their toys as well. It’ll take you a lot longer to clean if you have to keep picking up toys and moving them out of the way.


If you make these simple changes around the house, you can take the hassle out of cleaning and help keep the house clean for longer.

*This is a collaborative post*

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