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LEGOLAND: What is there for under 5’s?

May 6, 2019

Legoland is somewhere I’ve always wanted to take the girls but I’ve definitely questioned when the right time would be to take them so they get the most out of the experience. Our girls are four and two and a half and I would say now was a really good time to go. 

In today’s post, I thought I’d share what’s on offer for Pre-schoolers or under 5’s as that’s the bracket our girls are in.

Rides at Legoland are mostly categorised by height restrictions but the Legoland map has a really great key organised by age to show which rides are suitable for what audience. At last count the rides were:

  • no restrictions/family attractions: 25 rides and attractions
  • Tiny Feet (under 3’s): 5 rides and attractions
  • Little Builders (3-5 years): 12 rides and attractions
  • Big Builders (6-13 years): 11 rides and attractions

Amelie is four so most of the rides were suitable for her, but at two there was still a lot for Evie to do. 

Here is a list of what I thought were the best rides for the under 5’s…

Heartlake City 

Heartlake city is an area in Legoland where you can find rides, a pirate show (at select times of the day), restaurants and lots of LEGO Friends figures. Amelie watches LEGO Friends and loved seeing all of the characters so I’d definitely recommend this as a stop off before lunch or after watching a meet and greet.

Heartlake city meet and greet

In the middle of the city you’ll find a stage where you can meet characters from LEGO Friends. They sang a song, said hello to everyone and you could meet them and get a picture. Amelie loved this!

The Dragons Apprentice

This is a smaller version of The Dragon ride and I was amazed that Amelie wanted to go on. She absolutely loved the ride sat next to her Daddy and she was so proud of herself. I would definitely recommend this for brave 4-year-olds and upwards!

Driving school (for little ones)

A smaller version of the famous Driving School where little ones can drivve their cars around the track. They just have to turn the wheel and press the accelerator down.


Miniland is the original part of Legoland and has lots of miniature models (all made out of LEGO) based on countries and cities around the World.

The girls really enjoyed this part of the park, especially when they (more Amelie) saw places she recognised from our trips into London! Some of the buildings are very impressive, the Gerkhin for example and Buckingham Palace.

Duplo Valley park

Duplo Valley is a fantastic place for under 5’s and we spent a lot of our time there and would do when we go again. The Duplo park is a fantastic play area for the little ones and it was busy with pre-schoolers all enjoying climbing, sliding and playing.

Duplo Train

The girls thought this was fantastic and it had a very short queue. This ride was the perfect one for them to go on together and their faces as they left independently without us was a picture! They really enjoyed this and wanted to go again and again!


An unsupervised play area for little ones in Duplo Valley. Think slides and park fun!

Duplo Valley Airport

This was a brilliant ride were little ones could drive helicopters. As they were both under a certain height we went on with them but let the girls control the helicopters themselves.

 You could take the helicopter up and down, left and right and round and round! I left a little travel sick after Evie’s piloting! (Adults need to accompany children under 1.3m).

Fairy Tale Brook

Fairy tale brook is a gentle boat ride that we all went on. The queues are pretty quick as they ride is non stop, you jump on and off the moving boats so there is no waiting for loading.

The girls absolutely loved this and they spotted their favourite fairy tales as we went around the forest river. The seven dwarfs and Cinderella were particular favourites. We went on this ride twice as they enjoyed it so much. (Adults need to accompany children under 1.3m).

Duplo Valley theatre

We arrived at the Duplo theatre a little way through a puppet show but decided to watch from the back and I’m so glad we did and Amelie and Evie really enjoyed the fairy tale. With music and funny bits it was a great chance for little ones to have a rest and a sit down.

Duplo Valley splash park

Unfortunately, this wasn’t open on the day we went but I have heard great things about it and it looked like lots of fun!

Aero Nomad

A family-friendly slow ride with an aeriel view of the park. The girls loved this and thought it was great going high!

Ninjago The Ride

A family friendly ride where families can test their ninja skills as they battle through ice, wind and fire with the NINJAGO heroes in our new 4D interactive family ride. We didn’t go on this as the queues were quite long but it was a popular one!

LEGOLAND express

This train takes you from Heartlake City, around the landscape of the park and back again. Perfect for little ones who love going on a train!

Coastguard HQ

A boat ride where an adult can go on with two children. Located in LEGO city jump into a brightly coloured, electric boat and sail around the waterways looking out for LEGO divers and creatures.

Balloon School

You can ride in your own hot air balloon and navigate through the clouds!


That’s my pick for activities for the under 5’s. There are more, but these are the ones we either went on or saw and thought would be good for another time.

What’s your favourite ride at Legoland?

Sarah x

*We were gifted tickets to Legoland for a promotion however this post was not part of the agreement. I chose to write this as I struggled with what rides the girls would like before we went and would have loved to had read a similar post*

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