Birthday gifts for the child who has everything

May 2, 2019

It’s a great feeling knowing that your children are cared for and loved, not just by you but by close friends and family too. Although when birthdays and holidays like Christmas come along it’s not always easy to know what to buy…you run the risk of duplicating gifts that they already have, someone having the same idea as you and if you found them a new toy that they didn’t have, would they even play with it?

It’s not easy. So, with this in mind I’ve rounded up 5 birthday gifts for the child who has everything. They’re gifts that will not only put a smile on their face but on yours too!

An investment

Sure, they can’t physically play with the contents of a savings account until they’re much older but investing in their future is a wonderful gesture of love and hope which won’t go unnoticed. There are lots of ways you can do this: ISA’s, savings accounts, investments or investment pieces – check out Golden Eagle Coin for the latest information on investment pieces – the most important thing to remember is that your generosity, no matter how big or how modest could be the step they need to put a deposit down on their first home, the funds they need to travel the world or even the money towards a car when they’re old enough to drive.

A magazine subscription

This is a wonderful gift that they can enjoy as the year goes on. Not only will you have a wealth of choice as far as content is concerned but the child can enjoy boosting their reading skills and their own creativity at the same time. And children simply love getting their own mail – it’s something for them to look forward to every month!


If your child has a passion or an interest in a certain subject then why not get them some classes to compliment their hobby? Dancing, cooking, swimming, horse riding, acting, even creative writing, the possibilities are endless. If your child doesn’t have a particular hobby right now, then this could be an opportunity to find something they enjoy as well as make new friends and have totally new experiences like national competitions and feeling part of a team. It’ll boost their confidence too.

A day with you

They say that they greatest gift you can give a child is your time. So, why not dedicate a whole day to spending it with them and doing all the things that they like? Let them choose the activities and where you go for lunch, they’ll feel so special and who knows, it might become a regular thing that you both do together.

A journal

One for older children. Gifting someone a journal is giving someone a way to write down all their hopes, dreams, ideas and even worries. It’s a very personal gift that they will certainly make use of and probably hold very dear to them as they get older. Don’t forget to spoil them with stationary too!

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