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Why You Don’t Need Green Fingers To Enjoy Your Garden

April 12, 2019

Just because you don’t know your roses from your rhododendrons, you have no inclination to ever mow the lawn, and you have a jungle-like landscape at the rear of your home doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take the plunge and give gardening a go. While the traditional method of gardening may have been tending to the borders, deadheading shrubs and putting down slug pellets to protect the bluebells, nowadays gardening doesn’t require you to have horticultural bones in your body. Instead, you can focus on your garden as an extra living area for your home. Take a look at why you don’t need green fingers to enjoy your garden.




Forget having a flower-laden back garden complete with perennials and hard to look after plants. Think about what your brood wants out of an outside space. If you love al fresco dining, zone off a part of your garden for some outside dining. You could lay some decking, install an awning for cover whatever the weather and purchase some top quality furniture. If you want the kids to have an area to play, don’t think you have to lay the most lush and expensive turf. Instead, you can look at the artificial grass that LazyLawn has to offer. Looking realistic but without the maintenance, this could be the ideal solution to your aversion to lawnmowers. If you do want a splash of colour in your garden forget having to grow and look after ornate flowers. Opt for a rockery area with hardy alpine plants. These look after themselves and require very little intrusion from you.




If you do fancy getting a little bit mucky, consider growing some vegetables. Partitioning some of your garden off for your efforts towards a more sustainable way of life is good for the soul. There’s little better than sowing potatoes, carrots, and onions, harvesting your crop and cooking with them for your evening meal. Enjoying the fruits of your wares is a joy. It’s also cheaper than grocery shopping and can result in a healthier eating plan. You could get the kids involved and let them choose what vegetables to grow. You may even whip up a small greenhouse for your cucumbers and tomatoes.




Your garden should be a tranquil place where you can enjoy the company of friends when chatting over coffee, where you can read a book and get away from the hustle and bustle of the home, and where you can while away the hours taking in the fresh air. Consider adding to this ambience with a water feature. The sound of water is peaceful and aids in relieving stress. There are plenty of water orb-like features or fountains that look attractive and can help you relax. Perhaps, whip up a hammock or design a comfy seating area for those quiet moments.


Having a garden is a luxury, so don’t allow yours to become overgrown and unloved. Utilise the space you have and enjoy creating an outside living space that the whole family can enjoy.

*this is a collaborative post*

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