Playing Parenting Mentor To Your Struggling Friend

April 9, 2019

Isn’t it wonderful when your friend has a baby? At last, you can enjoy those newborn snuggles, and pass them back when they start screeching. And, of course, you’ll be pretty pleased for your friend, too.


Still, as much as this is a joyous occasion, you probably remember how tempestuous those first months can be. Thanks to hormones, exhaustion, and stress, many mums can feel a bit lost. You still have regular nightmares about the constant crying and powerlessness of a newborn. And, now, you can see the same thing happening to your friend.


She seems happy enough, of course, but you can spot the signs. You see the exhaustion in her eyes, and the panic whenever her baby cries. Recently, you’ve noticed the way she jumps everytime you touch her. In short; you know too well that she’s having a hard time.


The question is, how can you help her through?


Offer your services


Remember how much you craved help when your kiddies were little? Even a few hours off meant time to shower and sleep. What more could the mum of a newborn need? This alone can be the sanity they hold onto during those toughest of times. It can also provide them with a chance to refresh and come back to parenting with a better mindset. Make sure, then, that your friends knows she can call on you to look after her little one sometimes. She may not want to intrude, so expressly offer your services. If you notice her struggling, it may even be worth taking the baby away and forcing her into some self-care.


Buy gifts for her


When we have newborns, we’re inundated with gifts for the baby. And, of course, that’s always appreciated. You can never have too many baby clothes, after all. But, at a time when your friend may already be feeling underappreciated, this can do some damage. She’s done a lot of work here too, remember. As such, she also deserves gifts to make her feel special. Make sure, then, that you buy her plenty of chocolates and order flowers which make her feel appreciated. You could even stock up on some gossip mags which allow her to get some much-needed escapism. These are small gestures which can go a long way towards making your special lady feel better.


Tell her your parenting horror stories

When we’re struggling, few things make us feel better than hearing that other people have struggled, too. This is especially true of parenting, where those first stages can feel isolating. Let’s face it; there are a lot of things which no one tells you about parenting ahead of time. Your friend may feel like every terrible thought or experience is unique to her. By letting her know about all the bad experiences you had when your kids were young, you can keep that fear at bay. By turning these into funny anecdotes, you can even show her that she will laugh about this one day.

*This is a collaborative post*

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