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Finding my best ever jeans [AD]

March 28, 2019

Let’s talk jeans… who finds buying them really hard? We all love to wear them, they’re usually a staple in our wardrobes and they get a lot of wear. I find they tick the school run box, going out and the weekend outfit box but they can be hard to buy – and there is a lot of choice out there!

I have put off buying jeans for a little while because I had a pair I loved and I really didn’t want to go jeans shopping but when M&S asked me recently if I wanted to try their Best Ever Fit range I couldn’t say no. The Best Ever Fit is a range of jeans that are super soft, with a no-gape waist in a figure flattering denim. As I had decided my beloved jeans needed to see the bin rather than my wardrobe I thought this would be a great chance to see if I could find my best ever jeans…

Today I’ll be sharing some of the things I look for when buying jeans and showing you the jeans I chose from M&S, the Ivy skinny in medium Indigo.

What I look for when buying jeans

Find a style that suits you

This sounds obvious, but I find that I have a certain style of jeans that always suits my figure. Skinny jeans for me personally are my go to and why I decided to try the Ivy Skinny jean. I always find when I try boyfriend, Mom or wide leg styled jeans they just don’t ever really suit me, my figure or my style. There are lots of people who can pull off every style of jeans and if you’re one of those people I am very jealous, but for me once I’ve found a style I’ll stick to that and then change the look up with my outfit or the colour/wash of the jean. The M&S Best Ever Fit range come in three different styles, the Ivy Skinny, the Lily Slim with a leg-lengthening slim fit and the Sienna Straight with a flattering, versatile fit.

A darker wash will be more slimming

As much as I would love to wear a white or light pink jean, generally the darker styles look better on me and do look more slimming. I also find a darker wash style gets more wear as you can wear them on the school run but also in the evenings for a dressier look. I loved that the Ivy Skinny jeans came in a medium and dark wash Indigo colour, I love them so much I will probably buy the dark wash Indigo for evenings and more Autumn/Winter days and keep the Indigo for weekends and Spring days – but both washes I think are dark enough to feel like they are slimming on me.

Get the length right!

I always think it’s so important to get the length right on jeans. I have a pair of black ones that I rush bought and the length just isn’t right and I just hate wearing them (they’re stuck in the back of my wardrobe now). If you’re buying a skinny jean try and make sure it fits just below the ankle bone and if you’re wearing a bootcut style you can have them a little longer. All of the M&S Best Ever Fit ranges come in options of being short, regular or long so you’re sure to find a length for you.

Try a number of sizes…

When I’m buying jeans I’ll always try a couple of sizes around my size to make sure I have the perfect fit. I often find if jeans have stretch in them (which a lot do these days) try a size down. They might feel a bit tight at first but often after a few washes they’ll feel absolutely perfect! I’ve been wearing my Ivy Skinny jeans for a few days and the size is true to my size and I absolutely love the fit – but we’re all different shapes so try a couple of sizes.

Think about what you’ll be wearing them with

Will the jeans be a school run to weekend style or a going out jean. You might want to change the legnth if you’re wearing heels or change up the colour if you’re wearing them on the weekend. I usually wear my jeans with things like trainers (like the gorgeous M&S gold ones in the picture), t-shirts, cardigans and blazers so a medium length and medium wash indigo felt like the perfect choice for me.

So have I found my Best Ever Fit jeans? What do you think? I am personally super pleased with my jeans from M&S, they are comfortable, easy to wear and look smart enough for weekend trips but are perfect also for the school run.

Thanks to M&S for asking me to be part of this campaign, you helped me bin my faded at the knee skinnys and find a new best friend in the Ivy Skinny. I’ll be wearing these a lot over the coming months!

Sarah x

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