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An Empty Nest And All The Rest! How You Can Prepare For A New Life After Your Children Leave

March 25, 2019

From viewing the school your child is about to go to, helping them with their homework, and watching them blossom into fully-fledged young adults; it can be a very difficult thing to witness. When our children are old enough to look after themselves for the most part, we can either subscribe to that empty nest syndrome that is spoken so much of, and feel that we are redundant or we count down the days until their departure. But now is the prime opportunity for you to become a brand new version of yourself. You can prepare for your own life way before the children leave the nest, and it’s not just about being able to have a bath whenever you want to listen to your own music again. But what can you really do to ensure that you don’t suffer from empty nest syndrome, and become your own person again, not just a needy parent?

Is It Time For A Career Change?

A lot of modern parents have to work, they’ve got no choice. But if you’ve been hanging onto a job because it pays the bills, and because you’ve got to support your children, and now you find that there’s a little bit more money in your pocket, is now the right time to make a drastic career change? It’s very intimidating, but so many people do it throughout their lives, and you could follow suit. It’s not always about making a significant leap into something else, but rather, fine-tuning your current skills so you can progress up the career ladder, instead of staying in a job that you found boring for the last decade or so. Fine-tuning our skills is essential, and the great thing now is that we can take a course online, and you could take an Aston University online MBA in business administration or if you want to make significant changes to your working life, you could use the money you have spare to set up your own business of sorts. Many people set up a side hustle for themselves, or join an affiliate program, and these things can be a very good compromise instead of making a massive career change. Some people just feel they’re too old, and too tired to start all over again.

Redefining Your Purpose

You plan your life around your children, their routines, and their needs. All of a sudden, without your children being there relying on you for everything, you’ve got more choice and more freedom at your disposal. This means that you can do whatever you want whenever you want, and this can be quite surprising. All of a sudden, we feel that we are stuck for something to do. But this is where finding another purpose comes into its own. You could choose the life of leisure, and wander around, drinking coffee, reading the newspaper, or you could decide to dive into something completely different. So many people find that without a structure, life has no meaning. So make your own structure, and change it to be everything that you want. If there’s a hobby you’ve wanted to undertake for a long time, but time didn’t allow it, now is your opportunity. Learning a new language, picking up an instrument, or just taking an opportunity to visit friends more means that you can reconnect with yourself. That’s the great thing with a bit more freedom, because you have the breathing space to find a new purpose to life.

Using Your Surplus Parental Energy

After all, we’ve got into the habit of looking after our children, and now they don’t need us as much. While they will always need us for something, perhaps the habits we’ve got into are going to waste. When we become grandparents, this is a perfect opportunity to use this energy we’ve had stored up, but in the meantime, if that desire to look after people still looms large, why don’t you volunteer? You could try care work or do something that makes you feel that sense of fulfilment. You don’t necessarily have to live a life of leisure, and if you’ve got enough energy stores, you might find that your own ability to look after others is what gives you your life’s purpose.

It will feel like a shock when children fly the nest, but that’s not to say we can’t prepare for it. So many of us joke that we can’t wait for our children to head off to university or fly the nest, but we will feel that emptiness. Make sure you prepare, not just for your children to leave, but for you to live a new life.

*This is a collaborative post*

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