Surrey Mama Meet-ups FAQ

March 20, 2019

Hey all!

Surrey Mama meet-ups have been running for nearly a year and I thought it was about time I put a FAQ on my blog for people wondering what on earth they are!!

So what are the meet-ups?

Essentially they are Mum meet-ups (but grandparents, Dads etc all welcome too) where we meet for a walk, soft play or just a coffee. They are a chance to meet new friends and get out of the house – we all know how lonely Motherhood can get at times!

Why did you set them up?

I get asked this a lot. I started these meets in May 2018 as lots of local Mums on my @surrey_mama account were keen to explore the lovely places Surrey has to offer, but with like-minded people. It can often be very lonely as a Mum, especially after second children or if you move to a new place. I felt it after Evie and deciding to go self-employed and work from home, so I started these meet-ups as a way to meet new people and feel a little less lonely during the week

How often do they run?

I try and run them every week unless I am on holiday.

How much does it cost?

It’s free unless the venue we go to charges. If they do, often you’ll find venues offer us discounted entrance and/or added extras (because I negotiate this in advance). I don’t make any money or profit from this.

What’s the age limit for children?

There is no age limit for babies / children and everyone is welcome just come to the ones you see suitable for you and your little ones.

Why don’t you do the day I want?

It’s just me running this and I try my best to cater for the days everyone wants / where people want to go but it’s sometimes a logistical nightmare and I also have to make sure I have childcare days so I can run my business but I try my best to make sure I try and include every day in the schedule.

Hopefully see you soon, all the dates can be found here



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