How To Make Your Home Safe As A Mum

February 14, 2019

When you’re a Mum, your kids are your world. Sometimes (when you walk in to find them drawing on the walls with crayons, for example) you’re wondering whether they were actually sent to test you, but nevertheless, you would do anything for your children. And when you think about your home, it functions as some kind of safe space. Surely your kids can come to no harm here, can they? However, there are some simple things that you can do if you want to ensure that your abode is as kid-friendly as it can possibly be, and we’ve noted them down here.

Use child safety locks on cupboards

Children have this instinctual desire to touch absolutely everything, and the kitchen cupboards aren’t off bounds for a curious child. In fact, they just love to keep opening them and having a look inside, especially when you’re not paying attention. Whilst this may seem like it’s not too serious right now, you need to be a little bit savvy with your cupboards. Using child safety locks will mean that your kids can’t harm themselves by falling face first into a pile of plates, or picking up knives (which should preferably be in cupboards that are higher up, or in a knife block, anyway). If you want to make your home child-safe, look into this!


Make sure that your home is secure

Another thing that you never think about as a parent – unless you’re one of the unfortunate ones who has experienced this – is the fact that somebody could break into your home. We have that tendency to think that we will be the lucky people, and it will never happen to us. However, ensuring that you have as much home security as possible is really important, and will put your mind at rest. Whether you look into home CCTV installation, or you get an alarm fitted, you won’t regret it when your house is less likely to be a target. Checking all of the doors and windows before you sleep is also worthwhile!


Never reveal your personal details

If you’re a blogger, you always want to tell people information about your life. There is a real sense of community across many social media platforms, and even though you haven’t met some people in real life, you feel pretty comfortable trusting them with your personal information. However – and we know, we sound like your Mum right now – you should be really careful about what you share, as you could be putting your kids at risk. Most people are pretty switched on about this, but you can forget these things when you feel comfortable in an online community. Think twice before you share anything!


So, if you want to make your home safe as a Mum, try out these simple tips. From using child safety locks on your cupboards, to ensuring that your home is secure, there are many ways to protect your family. You should also be sure that you don’t reveal any of your personal details, such as your exact location. Stay safe!

*This is a collaborative post*

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