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Delicious homemade teas with Breville [AD]

December 20, 2018

Now it’s winter and feeling much colder I am craving hot drinks after mornings out with the girls. I love a good cup of coffee, but I can’t drink too many in the day so I always love a fruit or herbal tea for a delicious winter warmer. 

I always seem to buy mint tea bags so I thought I would try some new flavours to have some variation. Today I’ll be sharing two ideas for a winter tea which uses fresh ingredients you may already have in the house…

I will be using our Breville HotCup Water Dispenser which is the perfect alternative to a kettle for our household as we are always in a rush!

The HotCup Water Dispenser boils a cup of water in less than 60 seconds and means that it’s more energy efficient than boiling a kettle for that one cup. I love the speed of this, perfect when you are rushing around and need something quickly!

Here are my two favourite homemade teas

Raspberry tea

I used to love raspberry tea but haven’t had it for a long time, so I thought I would try and make it with real raspberries. I bought myself a pack of frozen ones, added hot water and voila delicious raspberry tea.

This is not only a yummy alternative to coffee but a great vitamin C booster as well.

It’s so easy to make with the Breville HotCup Water Dispenser. I turned the dial on the dispenser to a large cup, added my frozen raspberries, pressed the button and in about a minute had my tea. The great thing about using frozen raspberries is they cool the tea down so it’s ready to drink almost straight away!

Ginger and lemongrass

My next idea is one that can be a great antioxidant tea. We love making curries and stir-fries in our house so we always have bits of ginger and lemongrass in the fridge, my ingredients for this tea.

Once I’ve dispensed my perfect one cup of boiling water I steep both the ingredients in boiling water and in a few minutes I have a perfect cup of tea.

What’s your favourite tea, would you try these?

This is my last post as part of the Breville brand ambassador programme this year and I have absolutely loved working with them to develop the six blog posts. I have really enjoyed the opportunity to be creative with the products and I couldn’t imagine my kitchen without my Breville products, especially the sandwich maker!

Sarah x

*This is a sponsored post with Breville, as part of their ambassador programme. All thoughts and opinions are my own*

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